Fanatically Open Borders Univision Brags It Helped Elect Obama: ‘We Reach Persuadable Voters’

obama_univision AP

Univision has placed ads around Washington, D.C. declaring “hope wasn’t enough” and that “it took Univision” to elect Obama.

Univision is the largest Spanish-speaking network in the U.S. and reaches over 94.1 million households, and it’s proudly left-leaning. The wording of the ad campaign is significant: Univision views itself as a political player, not merely a transmitter of the news. They cut ties with presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump in July after he criticized the waves of illegal migration coming from Mexico and the drugs and violent crime illegal aliens bring to America. They’re fanatic defenders of unlimited immigration from Hispanic nations — it grows their market share in the U.S. and fills them with patriotism, but not for America.

When they cut business ties with Trump, Univision’s executives announced they have “a responsibility to speak up for the community we serve,” meaning legal and illegal aliens residing in the U.S.

“We see firsthand the work ethic, love for family, strong religious values and the important role Mexican immigrants… have in building the future of our country,” they said, without mentioning the economic struggles, societal costs, dangerous drugs, and violent crimes migrants also impose on Americans.

This fanaticism acknowledges none of the interests of Americans who do not wish to see their communities transformed into Mexican colonies. “[W]hat Republicans don’t understand is that for us, the immigration issue is the most pressing symbolically and emotionally, and the stance a politician takes on this defines whether he is with us or against us,” as Univision anchor Jorge Ramos wrote in an open letter to Republicans. In other words, surrender to all of our demands without protest, or you are our enemy. Speaking in good faith to such an organization is impossible.

Ramos has admitted he supports no limitations on immigration whatsoever, and believes the purpose of America is to provide jobs and welfare for Mexicans: “As long as you have people here who need immigrants and workers and as long as you have workers needing a job, they’re going to be coming here. It’s an economic situation,” he told conservative author Ann Coulter. Mexicans send $20 billion in remittances back home every year. Taking money out of the U.S. economy removes the need for socialist politicians in Mexico to implement reforms and lift their people out of poverty.

Univision has close ties to the Clintons: Univision’s chairman Haim Saban is the single largest donor to the Clintons and says it’s his “big dream” to see Hillary become president. Ramos’s daughter worked for Hillary’s campaign. Univision and the Clinton Foundation have joined together in a multi-year partnership to help young children. The network has ceaselessly trashed and intimidated Republican politicians who balk at open borders.

While Trump promises to enforce existing U.S. immigration laws and build a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border in order to halt illegal immigration, Clinton has promised to dissolve the border within her first 100 days in office by extending Obama’s illegal and unconstitutional amnesty, stopping almost all deportations, closing detention centers, giving illegal aliens taxpayer-funded healthcare and a full path to citizenship, and more. It’s no surprise that the news network that treats America as something to loot and colonize plans to back the Democratic party’s latest extreme nominee.