***2016 LiveWire*** Trump Courts Evangelicals; Clinton Addresses Abortion Activists


Welcome to illreitbart News’s live updates of the 2016 election.

All times eastern.

9:33: Anti-Trump agitators in Virginia promoting violence. There have reportedly been five arrests so far outside of Trump’s event:

9:20: Trump emphasizes that he is the “least racist” person and mocks the “Never Trump” crowd. Trump says it’s not honorable for people to not honor the unity pledge. He specifically mentions Jeb! for not being honorable.

9:15: Trump continues to court Sanders’s supporters. He’s now blasting the Bergdahl deal.

8:56: Without mentioning Tom Bradley, Trump refers to the Bradley Effect and says the “opposite” could happen with him this election where voters tell pollsters/friends they are against Trump but end up voting for him in the privacy of the voting booth, where there is no social pressure.

8:53: Trump blasts McAuliffe for restoring voting rights to felons in an election year. Says polls are looking good in Virginia and he’ll be in the Commonwealth a lot.

8:49: Trump says “no more games” and “we’re going to bring jobs back to America.” Trump says he has the largest vineyards on the east coast in Virginia and mentions that he doesn’t even drink.

8:13: Chinese Americans for Trump:

8:00: Trump crowd chanting “lock her up” when speaker mentions that Obama probably meant that there was nobody more qualified to be in prison than Clinton. Speaker urges audience to “Remember San Jose.”

7:42: Protesters in Richmond, Virginia:

7:03: So many conservatives held their noses and voted for Romney when he won the nomination. Romney, like his father, seems like a sore loser.

6:33: Romney claims there is something in Trump’s taxes that is worse than shooting someone on 5th Avenue. Romney says Trump may not be worth that much or is making money or has associations with “unsavory sources.” He says the American people have every right to see what Trump is potentially hiding.

6:30: Romney says he has no regrets about not running. Romney now claims that he would have taken him on. [Romney would have folded like a cheap suit and made Jeb! look like a pugilist. He and his team of stiff establishment consultants would not have known what to do if Trump had called him a “choker” or mocked him for walking like a “penguin” to his face.]

Flashback: Romney doing some minority outreach:


6:25: Clinton, like GOP politicians and their bevy of consultants who are not that much different from Democrats in the permanent political class, keeps trying to use Trump’s past comments about women against him and treating Trump like a traditional politician whom Americans have never heard of. What they don’t realize/get (because they are in their bubbles) is that Trump is not a typical politician. He has been a celebrity for decades, and Americans and conditioned to give celebrities a pass for outlandish comments that they think is just part of their schtick.

6:19: Romney says it would be easy to vote for Bill Weld if he were at the top of the ticket. He says he may be open to voting for Gary Johnson. Blitzer tells Romney that Johnson is open to legalizing drugs. Romney says “marijuana makes people stupid.” Good point by Blitzer to point out the ridiculousness/hypocrisy of Romney potentially supporting Johnson. Talking about down-ballot races, Romney says this is a challenging time for “my party.” [It’s not his party and it never was.]

6:17: Hillary’s policy eggheads touting all of the gobbledygook they are producing:

6:13: Romney runs to the mainstream press and says he is worried about “trickle-down racism” if Trump becomes president (the only way Romney–and his fellow “Never Trump” folks–can remain relevant this election cycle and get attention from the mainstream media the election cycle is by attacking Trump).

6:10: Mitt Romney, the robotic and failed 2012 candidate who represented all of the worst stereotypes people had about privileged and out of touch Republicans, blasts Trump in the mainstream press, telling CNN that Trump that he wishes everyone had rejected Trump. He says he wishes everyone who supports Trump would go in a different direction.

He says he won’t be voting for either Trump or Clinton. He says he’ll be writing in someone else’s name.

5:59: Don King denies endorsing Trump:

5:45: Paperback version of Clinton’s memoir deletes section where she discusses her support for the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Another example of inauthenticity.

5:35: It takes ten paragraphs for the Washington Post to reveal that this cab driver was of Pakistani descent (mainstream media know the importance of African-American vote this election cycle).

5:05: The worst instinct in a GOP politician and the top sign Ryan would get crushed if he ever makes it to a general election:

4:50: Flashback Friday (seems like Trump is going to use all of Obama’s criticisms against Clinton in 2008 against her this election cycle):

4:40: Will the mainstream media harass Warren about claiming to be Native American?

4:35: Haley Barbour’s message to the “Never Trump” schemers:

4:15: Anti-Trump agitators may be planning to disrupt Trump’s Richmond, Virginia rally tonight from within the area.

4:00: Speaker at Ali funeral refers to the next president as “she.” But then, without realizing the irony (he probably has not read Clinton Cash), says that “she” should seek a Constitutional amendment to ban money from corporations and individuals. He also the next president should realize that the way to achieve  homeland security is not for us to try “new ways of domination.”

3:50: David Letterman, who made a statutory rape joke about Sarah Palin’s daughter, calls Trump “despicable.” 

3:45: Google Denies manipulating search results to favor Clinton:

3:25: Police ready for potential agitators in Richmond, Virginia:

3:15: Says it all. “Planning to be spontaneous.” Otherwise known as “phony” and “calculating.” Let’s see how “spontaneous” Clinton can be in a one-on-one debate.

3:01: Worried about “Bernie or Bust” protesters, Dems. planning to build wall around Philadelphia convention.


2:45: Trump headed to Old Post Office Building after speech. Clinton to Uprising Muffins (D.C. still has its primary next week):

2:35: Interesting answer:

2:30: Kristol now wants “Smart Set” to pick Trump’s vice president. Maybe all of the struggling establishment publications can merge into one (since they are already all the same)  after all of their “Smart Set” writers form their new political party

2:15: Union leaders support Clinton. But how many union workers will vote for Trump?

2:10: Similar tone. One’s a mainstream media reporter. The other is a “Never Trump” Republican consultant. Hardly a difference.

1:56: Richmond, Virginia Police preparing for potential violence at Trump’s rally tonight:

“Police personnel will take swift action and make arrests if they witness any illegal acts,” Durham said. “We will extend every courtesy possible, but if you break the law, you will be arrested.”

1:52: Why Hillary Clinton will have a tough time playing the “war on women” card on Trump:

1:45: Trump vows to respect and defend “Christian Americans” while ensuring parents have control over their schools. Trump says we will work together to lift up everyone. “We will make America Great again for all Americans,” he says.

1:43: Trump says donors own Hillary Clinton while “I will be working for you.” He says he just spent $55 million of his own money running in the primaries. Trump vows to “chart a new, optimistic course” for America that puts “America first.” Trump says “we have to take care of people who are here” by not admitting refugees. Trump says we have to use funds marked for refugees to help poor Americans instead.

1:42: Trump: Yesterday was the first time a President of the United States endorsed someone under criminal investigation.

1:39: Trump says Clinton will undermine the wages of working people with “uncontrolled immigration,” which will create “poverty and income insecurity.” He says Clinton’s Wall Street’s agenda will crush working families while putting bureaucrats in charge of education. He says Clinton will “plunge our inner cities into even deeper poverty.” He says Clinton wants to “raise your taxes big league.” Trump says Clinton’s education, economic, immigration, trade policies will plunge African-American and Hispanic communities into turmoil and “even despair.” He points out that Democrats have run the schools, police, government in nearly every inner city and they have failed in every community.

[Somewhere in here, there is an economic message that can unite working-class whites and minorities. Trump’s not there yet, but he’s getting there.]

“I’m going to turn things around,” he says. Trump says Clinton has jeopardized national security by putting her emails on a private server to hide her “corrupt dealings.”

1:37: Trump calls for new immigration controls to “keep us safe from radical Islamic terrorism.” He says Clinton will appoint radical judges who will legislate from the bench and “abolish” the Second Amendment and “destroy the rule of law. “She wants to abolish the Second Amendment,” Trump says. Trump says the “will of the people will mean nothing” under a Clinton presidency. Trump says Trump will “restrict religious freedom” with government mandates and push for federal funding for abortion on demand up until the moment of birth.

1:34: Trump says the rule of law must be restored on the border and in our government. He says there needs to be “great respect” for our police and law enforcement. Trump says “they’re not being treated properly.” Trump wants ethics laws to restore dignity to the office of the Secretary of State. Trump says he will protect the right of churches to speak their minds on politics free from political intimidation.

1:33: Trump emphasizes the importance of appointing the right judges. Trump says it’s going to be a “whole different country” if Republicans don’t win the election. He emphasizes that all of his judges are pro-life.

1:32: Trump says the protesters are “professional agitators” sent by the other side. He says Clinton will bring in refugees and says some of them “actively and openly” support terrorism.

1:30: Trump says “Crooked Hillary Clinton” refuses to say “radical Islam” and that makes her “unfit” to be President. She points out that Clinton wants massive increases (500% increase) in Syrian refugees. He’s interrupted by protesters who are shouting “refugees are welcome here.”


1:27: Trump wants to talk about “our shared values” and wants to thank the “Christian voters” who have supported him. Trump vows to “uphold the sanctity and dignity of life.” He says “marriage and family” are the “building blocks of happiness and success.” Trump speaks about religious freedom. Trump also says that freedom means that “no one should be judged by their race or their color or the color of their skin.”

1:26: Trump talks about the terror threats surrounding the Euro 2016 soccer tournament that kicks off today in France. He says “radical Islamic terrorism” has taken over and “we can’t let that happen.”

1:24: Speaking at the Faith and Freedom Coalition conference in D.C., Trump thanks Evangelical voters for their support.

1:20: Clinton says Trump doesn’t see All Americans as Americans while attacking him over his comments about Judge Curiel.

1:19: Trump throws Obama 2008 ad against Clinton back at her:

This, though, was the most effective ad against Clinton:

1:17: Clinton sounding like Megyn Kelly:

1:15: How will black voters feel about about Bill Clinton reportedly having frequently used the N-word in the past?

The segregated climate in the South festered an attitude towards blacks and allowed Clinton to use the phrase ‘G**damn n****r,’ which Dolly heard him frequently say.

1:12: Left apoplectic over Trump’s interview with Breitbart News:

1:10: Don King for Trump:

1:07: Trump is right. Only eggheads in D.C. care about gazillion-point plans that never get enacted and politicians “sounding” like they are in an Ivy League seminar. Voters trust that leaders like Trump will hire the right “eggheads” to advise them. But Trump needs to understand that these comments are better when said by surrogates and not the candidate:

1:03: Clinton doing all she can to turn out her base (she also blasts Republicans for not wanting taxpayer dollars to be funneled to Planned Parenthood):

12:56: She thanks Planned Parenthood for helping women get their “constitutional right” to “safe and legal abortions.”  She tells them “I’ll always have your back” as president. She then talks about Griswold.

12:52: Clinton also praises the late Ann Richards (mother of Planned Parenthood president):

12:51: Addressing Planned Parenthood, Clinton talks about the “milestone” she reached this week. She says she had the great honor of being endorsed by President Obama, Vice President Biden, and Sen. Elizabeth Warren yesterday. Clinton says this victory belongs to “all of you.”

12:50: Clinton late to her Planned Parenthood speech:

12:46: Sanders’s only supporter in the Senate flips to Clinton:

12:45: The morning after Warren endorsed Clinton, Clinton and Warren meet at Clinton’s D.C. home.


12:41: Mainstream media love-fest continues:

But this cover more aptly depicts Clinton:

HRC New Yorker Cover


12:30: He just won’t give up. This would be a hilarious effort. The party’s membership will let Americans know the exact number of people who make up the “GOP Smart Set.”