David Drucker: With Early Voting Starting in September, Donald Trump Doesn’t Have Much Time

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David J. Phillip/AP
Washington, DC

David Drucker of the Washington Examiner joined Breitbart News Daily SiriusXM host Stephen K. Bannon to discuss his recent piece at the Examiner, while also pointing out that presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump could use the political establishment’s help in terms of organization, if nothing else. “Remember,” said Drucker, “Election Day really starts in September because of early voting. It’s not November. This thing really gets underway in September. There’s a lot less time to do this on both sides than people realize.”

Drucker’s point is that as unpopular as Congress may be, they can still play a key role in helping Trump get organized as quickly as needed due to early voting. It is also clear that Democrats are taking Trump seriously and believe they can learn from him:

 But [Rodell] Mollineau also acknowledges that Trump has tapped into deep discontent among a large swath of Americans, and he believes Democrats should take the presumptive Republican nominee seriously. “This is a battle for leader of the free world,” he said. “I don’t care if this is Mickey Mouse on the other side, you take this seriously.”

“He’s been adept on hitting on certain people’s fears and on crafting a message that gets at what some people — not most, not a majority — what some people in this country are feeling. I think that as Democrats, we need to look at what he did in the Republican primary and learn from it,” Mollineau said.

While acknowledging Trump’s campaign challenges, Drucker also said of Hillary Clinton, “In her primary, Bernie Sanders didn’t really go after her. So she didn’t have to face the kind of negative advertising that Trump did.” Added Drucker, “The email scandal is a big deal. People don’t think she’s honest and trustworthy. She’s not likable. She’s just not good on the stump. … People just don’t take to her the way they took to her husband.”

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