Donald Trump: ‘I’m the Least Racist Person’

Washington, DC

Presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump declared that he isn’t racist and announced that he’s adding “for everyone” at the end of his campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again.”

Trump told supporters at his first campaign rally since the end of the primary, “I’m adding right now, Make America Great Again, I’m adding, ‘for everyone.’” The rally at Richmond Coliseum in Virginia Friday night was less than packed.

“Going to be for everyone, it’s true,” Trump added, citing low unemployment for African American and Hispanics.

“I am the least racist person that you’ve ever looked at,” the billionaire added, referencing attacks against him by his critics.

He also criticized former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, repeating the low energy nickname.

Trump referenced Bush having signed the Republican pledge to support the Republican nominee, but refusing to back Trump after being defeated. “You got to live up to your word,” Trump challenged.


“We’ve had one day and look at this, it’s amazing,” Trump said when he took the stage, referencing the rally having been scheduled just a few days earlier.

Throughout Trump’s speech, he criticized presumptive Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton.

“If the system works, she’s really not allowed to run,” Trump said of Clinton because of her criminal investigation into the email scandal. “It’s really unfair to other people. It’s so unfair to other people who did 10 percent of what she did and they end up destroying their lives.”

He also said he’s been told that the first debate between Clinton and himself will be “the most watched debate in the history of television.”

“They say that the election between crooked Hillary and myself will be the biggest voter turnout in the history of elections in this country,” he added.

Protesters gathered outside of the rally.