Donald Trump: ‘Immigration Is A Privilege’

A van from a funeral service is seen infront of the Pulse club in Orlando, Florida,on June 12, 2016. Fifty people died when a gunman allegedly inspired by the Islamic State group opened fire inside a gay nightclub in Florida, in the worst terror attack on US soil since September …

Presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump declares “immigration is a privilege,” not a right for foreign nationals.

“Immigration is a privilege, and we should not let anyone into this country who doesn’t support our communities. All of our communities,” said Trump in Manchester, New Hampshire. “America has already admitted four times more immigrants than any country on earth, and we continue to admit millions more with no real checks or scrutiny.”

The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 dramatically transformed American demographics and opened America up to the entire world, including poor and violent migrants. Less than half a century later, nearly one in five U.S. residents are a foreigner or children of foreigners — millions of them illegals — putting an extreme strain on infrastructure, resources, the economy, and almost every aspect of American society and culture.

“Not surprisingly, wages for our workers haven’t budged in many years. So whether it’s matter of national security, or financial security, we can’t afford to keep on going like this. We owe $19 trillion in debt, and no longer have options,” Trump said.

“All our communities, from all backgrounds, are ready for some relief. This is not an act of offense against anyone; it is an act of defense,” he added.

Polls show Americans from every background are exhausted by unceasing waves of mass immigration: Gallup found 60 percent of Americans object to current immigration levels, which tolerate as many as 11 to 30 million illegal aliens to occupy U.S. territory as the U.S. government voluntarily imports a million more legally each year, giving them access to taxpayers’ wallets and jobs in the form of welfare and work permits, and granting their children free automatic U.S. citizenship, as was the case with the Orlando terrorist Omar Mateen.

Foreign workers took nearly all newly-created jobs from 2000 to 2014 — despite 75 percent of Americans across all racial and political lines wanting businesses to raise wages for American workers instead of replacing them with more pliable, cheaper foreign workers.

Muslims must integrate into American civil society if they want to stay in America and bring their families here, Trump said.

“I want us all to work together, including in partnership with our Muslim communities. But Muslim communities must cooperate with law enforcement and turn in the people who they know are bad — and they do know where they are,” he said. “I want to fix our schools, roads, bridges, and job market. I want every American to succeed. Hillary Clinton wants to empty out the Treasury to bring people into the country that include individuals who preach hate against our own citizens. I want to protect our citizens, all of our citizens.”