Borelli: Why is Prominent Hillary Surrogate Tweeting Out Support for A Terrorist as Orlando Victims Lay Dying?

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks onstage during the 'Hillary Clinton: She's With Us' concert at The Greek Theatre on June 6, 2016 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by
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New York, NY

New York City Councilman Joe Borelli tells Breitbart News Daily SiriusXM host Alex Marlow that, as terror victims were still bleeding and dying in Orlando, “prominent surrogate for Hillary Clinton …  NYC Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito was tweeting her support for another terrorist, unrepentant bomber Oscar Lopez Rivera.”

Pointing out that “she’s on Hillary Clinton’s leadership team,” said Borelli:

On the morning of the Orlando terror attack, after she had tweeted how awful that was, she tweeted that the American government should free convicted terrorist Oscar Lopez Rivera, who was one of the Puerto Rican FALN terrorists, the organization which killed six Americans, six New Yorkers, in the 1970s and 80s. To even have one’s mind go there as America is reacting to this horrible terrorist attack is something that most Americans can’t even connect with, or put together in their head.

The tweet was recently the subject of a New York Post op-ed: “Why does Hillary Clinton keep terror enabler Melissa Mark-Viverito on her team?

The speaker is a fervent Puerto Rican nationalist, you see. And since that’s Rivera’s cause, too, she plainly doesn’t care about his victims (not even the New Yorkers killed by his bombs), or the fact that he’d have won release from federal prison years ago — had he been willing to renounce violence.

And so, hours before Sunday’s National Puerto Rican Day Parade, Mark-Viverito tweeted out yet another call for the president to give Rivera an unconditional pardon.

Next she learned of the Orlando slaughter, and tweeted, “disgusted and horrified.”

But then, minutes later, as SWAT officers were storming Pulse, she blithely went back to pushing for the release of her favorite terrorist, with a photo of her embracing him.

Hmm. Mark-Viverito is a prominent surrogate for Hillary Clinton. Does Clinton really need an advocate for an unrepentant home-grown terrorist on her team? A terrorist who won’t even express remorse?

Well, maybe Clinton relates to the speaker’s seamy relations with nonprofits.

The op-ed also goes into Mark-Viverito’s Clinton-like crony capitalism and Bill Clinton’s having previously pardoned other FALN terrorists. It’s not hard to imagine Hillary Clinton pardoning FALN “master-mind” Oscar Lopez Rivera if Obama doesn’t do it first and she wins the White House in November.

Well, maybe Clinton relates to the speaker’s seamy relations with nonprofits.

Mark-Viverito has used her power to shower city cash on “charities” that employ lobbyists who consulted on her 2013 campaign. State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman flagged one recipient of the speaker’s largess — Bronx nonprofit Regional Aid for Interim Need — for using taxpayer funds to pay off a mortgage and to cover another exec’s personal expenses.

Sounds a lot like the Clinton Foundation.

Then again, Hillary Clinton — at the time seeking Puerto Rican votes in her run for a New York seat in the US Senate — played a key role in then-President Bill Clinton’s pardon of most of Oscar Lopez Rivera’s fellow imprisoned FALN terrorists.

Maybe the two Democrats really are peas in a pod.

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