***Orlando/2016 LiveWire*** Obama Pushes Gun Control: ‘More Massacres’ if ‘We Don’t Act’

Lights from police vehicles light up the scene infront of the Pulse club in Orlando, Florida on June 12, 2016.

Welcome to Breitbart News’s live updates of the aftermath of the Orlando terror attack and the 2016 election.

All times eastern.

10:10 PM: U.S. men’s national soccer team captain Michael Bradley honors Orlando victims with rainbow armband:

9:50 PM: New York Times’s Charles Blow says the Orlando Terrorist was “our monster.” But the terrorist referred to Afghanistan as “his country” even though he was born in New York.

9:30 PM: Looks like Sanders will soon be attacking Trump more:

9:15 PM: Anti-Trump agitators wave Mexican flags outside Trump’s Dallas rally:

9:11 PM: Gun sales surging among gays/lesbians after Orlando terror attack.

9:00 PM: Trump now talks about needing to straighten out trade deals. [Trump needs to definitely state that this campaign is about putting Americans–and their interests–first in domestic and foreign affairs and then go off the cuff. Otherwise, it sounds like a candidate winging it on the stump and just picking random bits of news out of a hat.]

8:57 PM: Trump says “Mr. Protester” just gave him a great idea. Trump says he should make “Make America Great Again” cowboy hats.

8:53 PM: Sanders still doesn’t concede/endorse Clinton:

8:44 PM: Trump boring the audience again by talking about process and giving play-by-play of his primary elections.

8:35 PM: Trump says he is thinking of having a “winner’s night” at the convention. He says instead of politicians, “winners” like Bobby Knight will be speaking.

8:32 PM: Trump: We have to “stop people with hate in their hearts” from entering the United States.

8:30 PM: Trump talks about riding that horse.

8:28 PM: Trump says we need to have people come into our country who want to be here. He says we’re allowing thousands and thousands of people to come into our country from “countries that are terrorist countries.”

8:21 PM: Trump says he just watched Obama’s speech and he’s largely “blaming guns.” Trump vows to “save your Second Amendment.” He reminds Texans that “Hillary wants to abolish the Second Amendment. Just remember that.” Trump says Sanders doesn’t give up and adds, slamming Romney, that we could have used someone four years ago who didn’t give up. He says our leaders are giving up on our borders and combating ISIS.

8:17 PM: In Dallas, Texas, Trump thanks his supporters for turning out in force. He wants to “hug” and “kiss” his supporters outside. He notes that this is the one year anniversary of his campaign. He says he is looking forward to debating “crooked Hillary” assuming that she is still allowed to run.

8:11 PM: Miller says this election is about the idea that a country exists to serve and protect its own people and not Clinton’s special interests. Miller says Trump’s only special interest is the American people and he can’t be bought and owned like Hillary Clinton. Miller says if something is good for Americans, Trump will do it and “never apologize.”

8:05 PM: In Dallas, Trump’s senior policy adviser Stephen Miller says all of the people who are mad at Trump are livid because he threatens their ability to run the country for their benefit. He says Trump represents “our one chance” to break up the special interests. He says that, ultimately, is what this election comes down to. Miller talks about  how Texas have seen how open borders have done to wages and have led to heartbreak and needless destruction. Miller says everyone wanting to stop Donald Trump wants the borders to remain open. He says Trump is running for president so he can finally put the American people first. Miller says Trump is building the wall out of love for Americans of all backgrounds. Miller mentions that the special interests and the politicians who have sold you out and betrayed you would not go away without scratching and clawing.

7:59 PM: He also made strong comments about assimilation and blasted Obama for giving amnesty to illegal immigrants and putting them in front of those trying to be legal immigrants.

7:35 PM: Pastor Jeffress doing invocation at Trump rally:

7:30 PM: Trump supporter made own “Make America Great Again” hat:

6:35 PM: Dallas Police Department on alert:

6:33 PM: Left-wing agitators reportedly will bus in protesters to Trump’s Dallas event:

6:25 PM: Trump supporters armed and ready:

6:20 PM: Protesters at Trump’s event.

6:15 PM: Enthusiastic Trump supporters in line early despite extreme temperatures:

5:44 PM: Julian Castro, auditioning to be Clinton’s Vice President, slams Trump for his “hateful rhetoric.”

5:29 PM: Orlando terrorist had plenty of disciplinary problems:

5:27 PM: Union Boss Trumka seems like he’s worried union workers may be receptive to Trump’s message:


5:25 PM: Dallas Police practicing riot control ahead of Trump’s visit:

RNC Chair Priebus flying with Trump to Texas:

5:07 PM: Greg Zanis built a homemade cross for each of the 49 Orlando terror victims:



5:02 PM: The mainstream media’s narrative seems to be that Obama is “exhausted” at seeing these terrorist attacks as they help Obama push more gun control.

5:00 PM: Obama says we have to challenge discrimination against gays wherever it occurs and fight the oppression of women [Yet, Obama endorsed Clinton, who accepted millions from nations that oppress gays/women.]

4:57 PM: Obama says more massacres without more gun control:

4:55 PM: Obama says it “defies common sense” when people say club-goers should have been armed. Obama wonders why we think our liberties require these tragedies. Obama hopes Senators who voted against background checks after Newtown change their minds re: “weapons of war.” He says he hopes the House also “does the right thing” and passes more gun control.

4:53 PM: Obama says we can’t anticipate or catch every deranged person who wishes to do harm but “we can do something about the amount of damage they do.” He says our politics have conspired to make it as easy as possible for a terrorist or a disturbed individual to “buy extraordinarily powerful weapons. And they can do so legally.” Obama says “today, once again…. I held and hug grieving family members” and they pleaded to help stop the carnage.

“This debate needs to change,” Obama says.

4:51 PM: Obama refers to Orlando attack as “terrorist attack.” He says Orlando and San Bernardino attacks were carried out by “homegrown” terrorists. He says have to do more to prevent these kinds of attacks from happening again. Obama says the Orlando terrorist was a “lone wolf” and a “single killer with a powerful attack weapon.” He says the motive of the Orlando terrorist may have been different from the Aurora/Newtown killers but the “instruments” were similar.

4:50 PM: Obama says we “will continue to be relentless against terrorist groups like ISIL and Al Qaeda.” Obama says we will “destroy them” and “disrupt their networks” and propaganda that poisons so many minds across the world.

4:48 PM: Obama says we, as a nation, have been inspired by the courage of those who risked their lives to save lives during the terror attack. Obama says we owe a debt of gratitude to the doctors, nurses and first responders.

4:46 PM: Obama, in Orlando, says the community was shaken by an “evil, hateful act.” Obama says we are reminded today by what is good. Cites empathy, decency and love. Obama says he and Vice President Biden met with many of the families of the victims. Obama says these families could be our families and they, in fact, are “our families.”

4:45: PM: Salon’s hot take: Don’t rush to judge terrorist’s wife.

4:30 PM: Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI), who is asking Facebook to help Senators investigate the Orlando terrorist’s Facebook accounts, says he wants to find some of the Orlando terrorists posts before the attack and compare them to what happened before other terrorist incidents like San Bernardino and Fort Hood.



4:05 PM: CNN is reporting that the Orlando terrorist was communicating with his wife during his attack. The wife reportedly texted “I love you” to the Orlando terrorist.

3:59 PM: McCain: “I misspoke.”


3:45 PM: Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) clarifies his remarks about how he believed Obama was “directly responsible” for the terror attacks. [Imagine the outrage and “distancing” from establishment Republicans had Donald Trump made those remarks.]


3:42 PM: President Obama and Vice President Biden are meeting with survivors in Orlando: