EXCLUSIVE– Jeff Sessions: Hillary Clinton Is the ‘No You Can’t’ Candidate

Washington D.C.

Sen. Jeff Sessions said that Hillary Clinton’s Tuesday economic address made clear that this election represents “a classic confrontation” between the cynicism of Clinton’s campaign– which tells the American people “you can’t do anything” about illegal immigration or trade globalism– and Donald Trump’s optimistic message for meaningful change.

In an exclusive interview with Breitbart News, Sessions explained that throughout Hillary Clinton’s economic address, she repeatedly told the American people “you can’t.”

On immigration, “what Hillary Clinton is saying is that people who want to enter the country illegally– well, you can’t do anything about it. We just have to accept it even though it impacts adversely working Americans,” Sessions said.

“On trade, she says you can’t push back against impropriety because it would cause a trade war. But if you don’t push back, you just get run over… Nothing will improve on the trade question if she is elected president,” Sessions said.

Sessions delineated the stark contrast between Clinton’s cynical campaign for “business as usual” as opposed to Trump’s pledge to defend “the interests of the American people for a change.”

“She represents the same old, same old,” Sessions said. “Trust me. It’ll be the business as usual. The same as the last thirty years.”

“Her philosophy is more taxes, more regulations, more government programs, more government spending, more debt as a solution to the decline in incomes of working Americans. And that will never, ever fix the problem,” Sessions explained. “I think most Americans instinctively know that that kind of plan will never work.”

“If Donald Trump gets elected president, we’ll have someone that defends the interests of the American people for a change,” Sessions declared.

Sessions said that the next commander in chief needs to focus on “middle class working Americans. Real median income has dropped $4,000 since 1999. That’s almost $400 a month for a family making $50,000 a year. So this is huge. And it’s been occurring under her watch and Barack Obama’s watch.”

“She’s not acknowledging the role she has played in it and her policies have played in it,” Sessions said.

Sessions explained that unlike Clinton, “Donald Trump understands the reality of our economic situation.” Whereas Clinton seems to deny certain economic realities, such as the impact large-scale immigration will have upon American workers:

Hillary Clinton represents the party of big government, big bureaucracy, and excess regulations. That’s what they do every time there’s problem. They want to spend more money, they want to regulate more, and it always ends up adding to the debt. Also they’re far worse than the Republicans– they deny that if you bring in more labor than we’ve got jobs for wages go down. They won’t even enforce the laws that we have.  Hillary Clinton’s position on immigration is extreme. She says that somebody who enters the country illegally should not be deported unless they commit a violent crime. That’s just breathtaking in its scope.

Clinton’s understanding of trade similarly does not seem grounded in reality. While Clinton accused Trump of wanting to start a trade war, Sessions suggested that under a Clinton presidency the U.S. would “get run over” by China.

Sessions explained that — as Mitt Romney pointed out in 2012 — the U.S. is already in a trade war, “we’re just not fighting” and we refuse to use our leverage. “The Chinese desperately need our markets. And so if they are to cheat and refuse to participate cooperatively and take advantage of our agreements, then we should push back. Otherwise you’re just rolling over and accepting the illegality and the impropriety of what they’re doing,” he added.

Sessions, who had never endorsed a presidential primary candidate prior to Trump, explained that “what gained my support for Donald Trump was his courage in attacking the economic establishment and making some normal Republican points that were correct, but going forward and saying that if you bring in more workers than we have jobs for, wages go down and job prospects for Americans go down. And he went further and said that trade deals over the years have not made America better, but have hurt our economy. And he was crystal clear on that and the facts back him up.”

For his part, Donald Trump has similarly said that this election is about voting for meaningful change that finally puts the interests of America first. “Every election year, politicians promise change. Obama promised change and it didn’t work out too well. And every year, they fail to deliver. Why would politicians want to change a system that’s totally rigged in order to keep them in power? That’s what they’re doing, folks. Why would politicians want to change a system that’s made them and their friends very, very wealthy? […] After years of disappointment, there’s one thing we all have learned. We can’t fix the rigged system by relying on — and I mean this so, so strongly — the very people who rigged it… We can’t solve our problems by counting on the politicians who created our problems,” said Trump.