‘Crooked Hillary’ Lives Up to Reputation

Hillary Andrew Harnick AP
Andrew Harnick/AP

From Kenneth R. Timmerman writing at The Hill:

Clinton and corruption are two words irrevocably associated with each other since the days of the Whitewater land deal and Mrs. Clinton’s 100-for-1 winnings as a first-time cattle futures trader in the late 1970’s.

Those early deals revealed the Clinton business model that flourishes today. Unlike Donald Trump, it has nothing to do with creating real wealth. Instead, it is all based on selling access and influence.

It remains a mystery why an FBI public corruption investigation into Mrs. Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State has not been front-page news since it was first revealed in January.

It is no mystery, however, why Mrs. Clinton never appointed an Inspector General for the entire time she served as Secretary of State.  Based on the recently released State Department IG report, we now know how much she had to hide.

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