Trump’s Reveals: ‘Hillary Lies to Benghazi Families’

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Washington, DC

Presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump’s campaign launched its first attack against presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton on the newly launched website,

The post titled, “Hillary Lies to Benghazi Families,” exposes previous clips of Clinton blaming the 2012 attack in Benghazi, Libya where four Americans were killed on a viral internet video, which the House Select Committee on Benghazi’s investigation into Clinton’s emails from that time allegedly proved Clinton knew and told her family there had been a terrorist attack.

The campaign launched the website earlier this week to “showcase some of Clinton’s most disastrous lies to the American people.”

The first post reads:

Hillary has no shame! The Benghazi attacks were a preventable tragedy disgraced further by Hillary’s web of lies.

She knew within hours that the attacks in Benghazi were a terrorist attack, and not a spontaneous protest due to a You Tube Video. But she lied anyways. She stood in front of the flag-draped coffins of four Americans that died serving their country and peddled the lie that the video was to blame both to the victims’ families and the American public.

But she didn’t only lie about what she knew about the Benghazi attack; she had the gall to say that she never told the Benghazi victims’ families that the video was to blame – essentially calling THEM liars.

One family member, Charles Woods – father of Tyrone Woods, a retired Navy Seal killed in the Benghazi attacks on September 11, 2012 –recalls that Hillary told him, “We are going to have the filmmaker arrested who was responsible for the death of your son.” Patricia Smith, grieving mother of victim Sean Smith, remembers clearly what Hillary told her as well and says she never received a real explanation from Clinton or the Obama administration on what happened.

The truth is that massive security failures at the highest levels of the Obama administration and Clinton’s State Department put the Benghazi mission at grave risk as terrorist threats grew daily. Her incompetence cost lives and her attempt to cover up the truth is an indignity on the memory of the fallen heroes in Benghazi.

The website encourages visitors to subscribe “to be notified of the next legendary lie!”

During a previous hearing in front of the House Select Committee on Benghazi, Clinton tried to backtrack on her previous statement pointing to an internet video, saying she didn’t blame the internet video for the attack.

“Where did the false narrative start? It started with you, Madame Secretary,” Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) questioned the former Secretary of State.

“I referred to the video that night in a very specific way. I said some have sought to justify the attack because of the video. I used those words deliberately, not to ascribe a motive to every attacker but as a warning to those across the region that there was no justification for further attacks,” Clinton attempted to explain.