Paul Ryan on Trump’s ‘Star of David’ Tweet: ‘He’s Got to Clean this up’

Paul Ryan
Allison Shelley/Getty Images
Washington, DC

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan is commenting on the backlash from the media and political pundits over an image they argue was anti-semitic that presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump posted on Twitter over the weekend.

“Anti-semitic images have no place” in presidential campaigns, Ryan told Wisconsin talk radio host Charlie Sykes on Tuesday. He also noted that the tweet has been deleted.

“I really believe he’s got to clean up the way his new media works,” Ryan added about the New Yorker.

Over the weekend, Trump posted an image of presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton with cash and a caption on top of a star, reading, “Most Corrupt Candidate Ever!” Pundits argued it was the Star of David and criticized the presumptive Republican nominee. The Trump campaign responded on Monday to the criticism from political pundits, saying the image contained a Sheriff’s star, not the Star of David.

“The point is, I think he’s got to clean this up,” the Speaker of the House repeated during his interview with Sykes on Tuesday, noting the image by his understanding was “done by staff, not done by he himself,” referencing Trump.