Trump’s Senior Advisor, Iowa GOP React to James Comey: ‘Completely Rigged,’ ‘Blatant Favoritism’

James Comey AP PhotoCliff Owen
AP/Cliff Owen
Washington, DC

Presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump’s Hawkeye state senior advisor Tana Goertz called FBI director James Comey’s suggestion not to file criminal charges against presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton “unbelievable” during a phone call with reporters on Tuesday afternoon.

“This has to be the shadiest deal ever,” she said during the phone call, referencing President Bill Clinton recently meeting with Attorney General Loretta Lynch prior to Comey’s announcement that no charges should be filed.”This is completely rigged.”

Goertz also said President Obama should not be campaigning with somebody under FBI investigation, referencing Obama and Clinton campaigning together in North Carolina on Tuesday.

Iowa GOP Chairman Jeff Kaufmann, who was also on the phone call with the reporters and Goertz, said most people won’t think this is all coincidence.

“Too much here for coincidence,” he explained, saying either a special prosecutor or Congress should conduct a further investigation.

“This is a rigged system that obviously is showing some blatant favoritism,” Kaufmann added. “This was political. This was rigged.”

Kaufmann also reacted earlier to Comey’s findings in a press statement:

Hillary Clinton lied when she said she only used one device. She lied when she said over and over again that she ‘never received nor sent any material that was marked classified.’ She lied when she said the State Department signed off on her use of a private server. If actions like this were taken by anyone else in the country they would be indicted. This all follows Hillary Clinton’s meeting with the FBI on Saturday at a time when most Americans were enjoying the holiday weekend and just days after Attorney General Loretta Lynch met privately on the tarmac with former President Bill Clinton. This whole investigation by Obama’s Department of Justice has been rigged in Clinton’s favor, shows terrible judgment and raises a major conflict of interest on the part of the Department of Justice. The American people are sick and tired of the countless lies by the Clintons, and the President should not be campaigning with someone under FBI investigation or someone who has blatantly disregarded the rules of his own administration.

“I think there was some inherent bias,” he charged during the call.