***2016 LiveWire*** Clinton in Atlantic City; Trump to Campaign with Newt in Ohio

AP Photo/Mary Altaffer, Chuck Burton
AP Photo/Mary Altaffer, Chuck Burton

Welcome to Breitbart News’s live updates of the 2016 election.

Hillary Clinton campaigns in Atlantic City while Trump is scheduled to appear with Newt Gingrich later tonight in Ohio.

All times eastern.

8:29: Clinton issues statement on Alton Sterling’s death:

7:43: Trump again vows that “we’re going to win so much.” He says we’re going to win on the border, the wall, against terrorists, on trade, etc…

7:40: Even “Never Trump” Bill Kristol says on CNN Trump’s speech was “gripping” even though he doesn’t think Trump should be President. The media give Trump airtime because he is “gripping” and when viewers tune in, they hear him correct the record and get his message out. Traditional consultants and those in the Never Trump movement don’t seem to get this. Fuddy-duddy David Gergen just seems perplexed that Trump isn’t giving a Council on Foreign Relations/Harvard Institute of Politics-approved speech where people just sound smart without saying anything of substance.

7:35: Trump points out that “when we were young, we never lost a war.” He says now “we don’t ever win a battle… we don’t win anything.”

7:34: Trump mocks “Never Trump” folks. Says they are disappearing rapidly. Trump says if Newt is his vice president, nobody will beat him in a debate.

7:31: Unscripted and unpredictable, for better or for worse. And that’s why all of the cameras are on him (With robotic candidates like Hillary Clinton and Ted Cruz, the audience falls asleep because there will never be spontaneity or unpredictability.):

7:25: Chuck Todd weighs in:

7:17: Trump says Clinton is “incompetent” and the only good thing she has done is get herself out of messes when anyone else would go to jail.

7:11: Trump says that “in one form or another,” Newt Gingrich is going to be involved with our government.

7:10: Bobby Knight will speak at the convention. Will Don King?

7:09: Trump finding his stride and saying things he should at every campaign stop. Trump says “we’re going to take America back” for “African-American youth who have a 59% unemployment rate” and who currently have “no chance” in society.

7:05: Trump says he will take care of steel workers and miners while Clinton will put them out of work by signing TPP.

7:02: In Ohio, Trump praises Jack Nicklaus. Trump says Nicklaus is a friend of his and he endorsed him even though he didn’t ask him to. Trump says The Golden Bear said Trump will “shake things up.” [Trump should make a public service announcement and ask if anyone knows the person who may have Nicklaus’s putter that he used to win the ’86 Masters.]

6:55: Trump rips MSNBC/CNN:

6:54: Trump says “it was only in the minds of the press” re: the “star of David” that has generated so much controversy. Trump points out that his social media director who Tweeted it out is married to a Jewish women. He accuses the press of “racially profiling.” [Again, this is where Trump’s megaphone allows him to directly correct the record/confront smears against him in a way traditional candidates like Romney could  never do. That’s priceless. And something the traditional press and political operatives still do not understand. Trump mentions his daughter is Jewish and his granddaughter is Jewish.]

“These people are sick,” Trump says of mainstream media networks like CNN.”They’re the ones with the bad tendencies.”

6:49: Trump quips that if he is elected President, Border Patrol Agents will again work hard like they want to to keep out illegals. He says right now, Border Patrol Agents are just telling illegal immigrants “welcome” because they have been told to stand down.

6:45: Trump now blasting “sleepy eyes” Chuck Todd. Trump, who basically gave the realist school of foreign policy argument re: Saddam Hussein in North Carolina, is blasting the mainstream press for blowing his comments re: Hussein out of proportion. Trump now blasting Clinton’s “what difference does it make?” statement on Benghazi. Trump even remembers that Clinton was in a green outfit.

[It’s amazing the the mainstream media would attack Trump’s comments about Saddam and how he questioned whether the Middle East would be more stable had Hussein remained in power. Isn’t that the reason why George H.W. Bush decided not to take Hussein out? This is where Trump’s celebrity/megaphone allows him to correct the record directly to the people in a way someone like Romney could never have done. And that is why he doesn’t need as much “traditional” advertising and fundraising dollars like a generic candidate like Romney who could never move the needle.]

6:40: Trump says if Clinton wins, she’ll approve TPP “so fast.” Trump reminds the crowd that none other than Bernie Sanders has said Clinton has “bad judgment.” Trump says our enemies likely have a “blackmail file on her,” which Trump says should “actually disqualify her from even running for office.”

6:39: Trump says Clinton is a “dirty, rotten liar.”

6:37: Trump is now eviscerating Clinton over her email scandal. Trump says we understand that Clinton set up a private server to conceal her emails and not just because she didn’t want to use one device. Trump wonders how can she wipe out 33,000 emails. Trump hammers the “rigged system” again and is detailing all of Clinton’s inconsistencies and false statements. Trump says he doesn’t want to bore the crowd with all of Clinton’s lies.

6:36: Trump says “we have a movement going” and it’s “something like people have never seen before.”

6:35: Trump takes the stage in Ohio and mentions that he worked in Ohio when he was young with his father. “Cincinnati and Ohio gave me a lot of confidence,” Trump says of his successful real estate ventures early in his life.

6:33: Newt: Trump is going to “kick over the table” in Washington.

6:32: Newt: Time for Ohio Gov. Kasich to get on “Trump Bandwagon.”

Gingrich says Kasich is a good friend of his and it’s about time that Kasich gets on the “Trump bandwagon.”

6:30: Newt says there are TWO AMERICAS. One is a corrupt Washington of the old order and the other is for the rest of us. “Enough,” Gingrich says. Newt says he would say “the fix was in” when commenting about Clinton’s email scandal. Gingrich says as a student of history, he can’t find an example where the American people rallied so quickly behind a leader like they did with Trump. He says Washington just “doesn’t get it.” Gingrich says Clinton was active in politics since she was a “Goldwater Girl” in 1964. Gingrich says, in contrast, Trump has been in politics for slightly over 12 months. He emphasizes that there is no more “vivid proof” of corruption that what happened this weekend/week with Clinton’s email scandal.

6:27: Newt takes the stage in Ohio. Gingrich blasts Clinton’s tarmac meeting with Attorney General Loretta Lynch and the FBI’s interview of Clinton during the 4th of July weekend. “Is there a single person here who believes that if you had done what Hillary Clinton had done, that you would not be prosecuted?”

6:25: Sanders, who is still in the race, may make a joint appearance with Clinton next week. The parties are reportedly working on an endorsement.

6:20: On his Facebook page, Gingrich says there are over 8,000 people at the Ohio rally and some came as early as 1 AM.

6:15: No surprise: Lynch to close Clinton email investigation with no charges.

Clinton campaign again declares that the matters is resolved.

3:30: Trump tells Fox News that he is looking at two former Army generals as potential running mates. He said there are ten people under consideration (there are reportedly “some names that haven’t surfaced yet.”):

2:55: Green Party candidate Jill Stein says Clinton should be prosecuted over her private email scandal, saying that “all the elements necessary to prove a felony violation were found by the FBI investigation.”

2:35: Donald Trump’s son-in-law defends Trump:

It’s that simple, really. Donald Trump is not anti-Semitic and he’s not a racist. Despite the best efforts of his political opponents and a large swath of the media to hold Donald Trump accountable for the utterances of even the most fringe of his supporters—a standard to which no other candidate is ever held—the worst that his detractors can fairly say about him is that he has been careless in retweeting imagery that can be interpreted as offensive.

2:00: Hardly anyone in America knew who Mitt Romney was before he ran for president. Trump doesn’t need all of those millions to get his message out like Romney did.

1:49: Strong fundraising numbers for Trump:

1:45: Sanders keeps calling Wolf Blitzer “Jake” and seems very prickly, agitated. He slams Clinton for voting to go war in Iraq and then punts when asked whether that reflects badly on her judgment. Sanders has not come off well in the last weeks of the primary cycle. He seems like a candidate (because he gave Clinton a pass on her email scandal) who ran having no intention to win or a candidate who just wants to milk the limelight that he never had for as long as possible. Either way, he does not look good or seem “authentic.”

1:37: Joni Ernst also all but withdraws as well:

“I made that very clear to him that I’m focused on Iowa. I feel that I have a lot more to do in the United States Senate. And Iowa is where my heart is,” Ernst reportedly said. “I’m just getting started here. I have a great partner with Chuck Grassley, we’ve been able to accomplish a lot. And I think that President Trump will need some great assistance in the United States Senate and I can provide that.”


1:30: More of the same. Clinton ignores the press:

1:23: On CNN, Bernie Sanders says reports that Dem. Senators booed him yesterday were “exaggerated.” He says he has 1,900 delegates and is going to Philadelphia. Sanders refuses to say the race is “over.”

[Bizarre Bernie. Very strange that the Senator who gave Clinton a complete pass on her email scandal on the national stage when his campaign was just starting to gain momentum is being such a thorn in Clinton’s side. If he wanted the nomination this much, he should have run to win from the beginning. He seems like a person who never had the spotlight and just wants to stay in it for as long as he can.]

1:07: Cruz reportedly negotiating for speaking spot at convention:

1:01: ESTABLISHMENT/MAINSTREAM MEDIA FIRST! Why was he even on the shortlist?

Corker praised by GOP establishment consultant who worked to get Democrats elected to Congress:

12:55: Amazingly, CNN’s David Gergen, who has gone out of the way to defend Clinton this election cycle, says there was an “800-pound gorilla” on stage while Clinton was on stage. She says as long as the email scandal is out there, she can’t go much longer trying to ignore what everyone sees–the discrepancies and the contradictions.

12:54: Trump, echoing what he said during the GOP debates, responds to Clinton:

I have built a tremendously successful business, which has created tens of thousands of jobs. Out of the hundreds of businesses I have owned over the decades, and hundreds of deals and transactions, I have used the chapter laws of our country in four instances, much as many of our country’s elite business people do (but nobody cares about). It is an effective and commonly used practice in business to use bankruptcy proceedings to restructure a business and ultimately save jobs. Nobody understands the economy like I do and no one, especially not Crooked Hillary Clinton, will do more for the economy than I will. I want to bring jobs back to America, while Hillary Clinton wants to get elected to enrich herself with power at the expense of the people. I created thousands of jobs and made a lot of money in Atlantic City, which was what, as a businessman, I am supposed to do for my company and my family– and as President I will make America rich again, and Make America Great Again.

12:46: Clinton says Trump is “temperamentally unfit” to be President and we can’t let him “roll the dice with our children’s future.” She says we need to write a new chapter in the American Dream and it can’t be “Chapter 11.” Clinton is not a good candidate on the stump. She had a perfect chance to knock it out of the park here. But had this been a WWE promo, Clinton would definitely not have “gotten over.”

[Media seem more eager to thoroughly research Trump’s bankruptcy than all of Clinton’s legalese/lies re: her email scandal. The latter put American lives and secrets at risk.]

12:45: Clinton, one of the most imperfect messengers for this line of attack, rips Trump’s business record and slams him for making his products abroad. [All of this has been telegraphed. Trump’s campaign should have responses ready.] Clinton says Americans begrudge people who get rich while “destroying other people in the process.”

12:41: Clinton says she’s thought a lot about her dad, a small businessman, while learning about Trump’s record. She says it’s “personal” for her because her dad wouldn’t have made it had Trump done to her dad what he did to small-business owners in Atlantic City. Clinton says Trump makes “over-the-top promises” and promises to make people successful while everything falls apart, people get hurt, and “Donald gets paid.”

12:38: Brooklyn NAACP leader wishes Clinton would speak more about Alton Sterling.

12:36: Clinton says it’s fair to ask “what in the world happened here?” She blasts Trump for defaulting on his loans and bankrupting his companies four times. She’s using the same playbook some of Trump’s rivals unsuccessfully did. Trump says with Trump, it’s not about how much he can build but what he can take. She rips Trump for taking advantage of working Americans, especially in Atlantic City. She cites Trump’s numerous lawsuits. She says he’s had a lawsuit every three days on average. Clinton now blasts Trump for trying to use Eminent Domain to seize a woman’s property to turn it into a parking lot. She says thankfully Trump lost.

12:35: Clinton also slams Christie:

12:33: Clinton says Trump “cannot do the job for American workers and businesses.” Clinton robotically says what Trump did for his workers and businesses is “nothing to brag about” and “shameful.” She says Trump can’t do to the country what he did to his businesses. She says we should support workers who are on strike in Atlantic City to get a “fair deal.”

12:32: Trump to release connection speaker schedule tomorrow. Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA) will reportedly have a primetime slot.

12:30: Some audience members shout “Trump! Trump! Trump!” before Hillary speaks in Atlantic, City.

12:25: Trump’s preemptive shot: