Brexit: The People Have Spoken

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The dust is still settling on the landmark decision British citizens have made to exit the suicidal nightmare that is the European Union.

Predictably, outrage from the leftist media over this remarkable turn of events has not ceased. Let these ignorant voices say what they will, but the course of action Pro-Western Brits have taken could be the very spark needed to turn the tide on an Islamic invasion of the west. We as Americans must support and unite with our kindred blood across the pond now more than ever.

As Adolf Hitler and his Nazi thugs stormed across Europe, the people of Great Britain remained defiantly unconquered and remarkably determined to defend their way of life at all costs. It was this recognition that a defeat at the hands of the Nazis would mean the end of western civilization that motivated the British people in such a relentless way. Tragically, as we sit here over 70 years following victory in Europe, an ideology as repulsive and dangerous as Nazism permeates unfettered throughout the streets of London, as well as every other beacon of western democracy.

Those who embrace and propagate this more recent influx of hatred into the western world possess some very clever advantages the Nazis did not. Unlike the characteristics of a quintessential Nazi, radical Islamists are primarily Middle Eastern.

This reality allows these hate mongers to gain knee jerk sympathy from the politically correct media and government bureaucracies throughout the west, which view them through the soft bigotry of low expectations that they view all non-white, non-Christians. Keep this in mind, those who seek to institute an Islamic caliphate in place of western democracy have realized a remarkable opportunity to not only spread their hatred, but merely cry racism whenever suspected of such nefarious intentions.

To the surprise of many radical Islamists, many on the left seem completely unaware of the fact that Islam is a religion, not a race, and that many Middle Eastern Christians have suffered and continue to suffer horrible deaths at the hands of radical Islamic hatred.

This unfortunate dichotomy is precisely what has resulted in the un-vetted influx of Muslim “refugees” across Europe and increasingly, the United States. To refuse such an invasion in the minds of the suicidal left would be just plain racist. Knowing this, there can be no doubt that radical Islamists will use this refugee crisis as an opportunity to infiltrate our society under the cloak of tolerance and diversity. Refugee crisis aside, the reality remains that the European Union has been importing massive waves of the Islamic world for decades and the British people finally decided they had enough.

When these brave citizens began to see their very way of life being threatened by the catastrophic immigration policies of unelected bureaucrats in Brussels, they took a stand. They took a stand against our apologist-in-Chief, who campaigned ardently for Britain to stay, against the globalist banks whose greed blinds them to the dangers of open borders, and against a media that has tried so religiously to drown out voices of opposition by branding them as ignorant bigots.

Isn’t it time we as Americans send the same message to our government leaders and self-important snobs in the media?

Foreseeably, when the reality sank in that the vote to leave the EU had reigned victorious, an emotional meltdown ensued on the left. CNN’s Christiane Amanpour so boringly and predictably fell back on the assertion that “Islamophobia” was the fundamental reason for Britain’s departure.

If not wanting your country, which has historically been one of the brightest beacons of Western Democracy, having given birth to such an invaluable document as the Magna Carta, to be taken over by a Sharia-compliant Islamic caliphate makes one “Islamophobic” in the eyes of Amanpour, I will assume those who voted to leave wear her pompous label proudly.

So while other countries remaining in the European Union will have to deal with the evermore alarming possibility that Turkey, a country in which 32 percent of its citizens believe that honor killings of women are sometimes justified, will be joining their club, Britain has forged a brave and commendable new path for itself.

Let us celebrate the choice our friends across the pond have made to regain control over their borders, and support them as they chart a new course for themselves more in line with the survival of western civilization.

It is with great hope that the vote for British independence will serve as a contagious example to other countries beholden to the European Union, as well as to us here in the United States, that the tide can be turned. But if the tide is to turn on the increasingly perilous trend of radical Islamic infiltration, it must first come from the people, not our government leaders.

We as Americans have the distinct and honorable privilege to join together and affect change in ways others across the world only dream of. We must use this privilege afforded to us by all of those who died for our liberties, and take a stand against the threats that face our families, communities, and very way of life.

Brigitte Gabriel is a terrorism analyst and a two times New York Times best-selling author of “Because They Hate” and “They Must Be Stopped”.  She is the Founder of ACT for America, the nation’s largest grassroots organization devoted to promoting national security and defeating terrorism.