Guardian: ‘Women Hate Trump’


Jessica Valenti asserts in the Guardian that women voters “hate” Republican presumptive nominee Donald Trump, and he’s “running out of time to fix it.” 

There is no saving Donald Trump. Republicans will keep up their begrudging damage control campaign, of course, as their candidate continues to offend and alienate his way to November. But not even the most seasoned fixer will be able to mend the damage Trump has done to the group of voters he needs most of all: women. Especially when even the women in his own party are loathe to support him.

Earlier this year, a group of female conservative and anti-abortion leaders – including the president of the Susan B Anthony List and the founder of Concerned Women for America – released a letter calling Trump an “unacceptable” choice, urging voters to cast a ballot for anyone else. They wrote that Trump “cannot be trusted” and that they were “disgusted” by his treatment of women.

When he became the nominee, some of these women reluctantly got in line. But there’s a definitive lack of enthusiasm from those groups who are supporting him, and a notable silence from others, like the Clare Booth Luce Policy Institute, which supported Ted Cruz and have nary a mention of Trump on its website.

After all, these are organizations that run campaigns to “bring back the hope chest” and ban the Vagina Monologues on college campuses because of supposed vulgarity. A candidate who brags about his penis size on national television isn’t exactly what they signed up for. An ABC News/Washington Post poll last month found that 77% of women have an unfavorable view of Trump, and in March an NBC/Wall Street Journal poll reported that 47% of Republican women could not imagine themselves voting for him. So far, there are no signs that Trump’s reputation among women is improving.

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