Dallas Pastor Dr. Robert Jeffress: ‘Officers are Ministers of God’

Dallas police officers escort a woman near the scene where eleven Dallas police officers were shot and five have now died on July 8, 2016 in Dallas, Texas)
Ron Jenkins/Getty Images
Washington, DC

Dr. Robert Jeffress, author and pastor at First Baptist Church in Dallas, issued a video statement about the ambush attack on law enforcement officers during a street protest.

“Word has just come to me about the terrible tragedy in downtown Dallas,” Jeffress stated, explaining he is currently out of the country. “The Bible says in Romans 13 that law enforcement officers are ministers of God, assent to do good and punish those that do evil. We ought to remember that God has ordained police officers to be his instruments to keep order in our society and it is important that we always respect police officers.”

He added that what happened on Thursday night is “systematic of what the Bible calls ‘lawlessness’ — a complete disrespect for the law that ultimately is a disrespect for God himself.”

Jeffress, who has expressed support of presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump, says that “as a country, we once again reaffirm our deepest respect for those that give their lives to protect us.”

He added that the church is praying for the police officers and their families.

“We want to offer our deepest sympathy,” he stressed. “It was just a few weeks ago that our church reached out to the Dallas Police Department to show our support for them.”

His staff is reaching out to the families of the police officers to see how the church can help.