Exclusive—Candy Carson on Female Voters: ‘We’re Not Just a Bloc’

Mark Theiler/Reuters
Mark Theiler/Reuters
Washington, DC

Candy Carson spoke exclusively to Breitbart News about an upcoming panel at the Republican National Convention titled, “What Women Want,” which will feature “politically incorrect girl talk.”

She also suggested presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump should continue to talk about all the issues ahead of the general election because that will resonate with voters from all demographics.

Carson, who is married to 2016 GOP presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson, said next Tuesday’s female panel featuring herself, Stacey Dash, Concerned Women for America’s Penny Nance and Breitbart’s Alex Swoyer will cover what women want “with respect to how the government impacts your lives as well as the freedoms that you have and what is important not only personally, but economically, having to do with family and family planning as well as the types of opportunities.”

An analysis of recent polls suggests Trump is polling better with African American and Hispanic voters than the two former GOP nominees — Mitt Romney and Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) — but he’s lagging behind with female voters.

However, Carson didn’t seem to worry about Trump’s numbers with women, saying, “We’re not just a bloc,” and that as he talks about more and more issues, he’ll gain support from all voting groups.

He’s going to be talking more about issues and as he talks about the issues and the ones that really resonate with women that care about those particular issues — ’cause again when they talk about women as a block, we’re not just a bloc — I mean so many women have different opinions about different things. Just like any other group you might bring up be it Caucasians, or Hispanics or female, male, we have our own different ideas about the way things should be done in general so when they say the ‘women vote’ I’m not sure that’s the best way to describe it because we have different ideas about different things as well.

Carson said that as Trump addresses issues like illegal immigration and the threat of terrorism as well as economic issues “You’re going to see people jumping on the band wagon.”

“We as voters — and that’s every single person in this country that can vote — need to be registered. We need to know what the issues are and know who is going to solve those issues the best,” she stressed.