***2016 GOP Convention LiveWire*** Trump Officially Clinches GOP Nomination

Jeff Sessions, Donald Trump
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Welcome to Breitbart News’s live updates of Tuesday’s evening session of the 2016 Republican National Convention. Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) will place Donald Trump’s name into nomination. Ted Cruz’s allies may try to disrupt the convention–and get their fair share of publicity–once again.


Tonight’s theme is “Make America Work Again,” and featured speakers will include UFC President Dana White, former Attorney General Michael Mukasey, Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI), the NRA’s Chris Cox, LPGA golfer Natalie Gulbis, Dr. Ben Carson, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, actress Kimberlin Brown, Donald Trump Jr., and Tiffany Trump. House Majority Leader Paul Ryan (R-WI), Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) will also speak. View the full convention schedule here.

All times eastern.

11:01: Convention now adjourned.
10:57: The founder of American Muslims for Trump Sajid Tarar asks the audience to pray for a strong America that fights terror.

10:55: Brown says the “left wants to silence those they disagree with” in politics, on college campuses and in business. She says she has been attacked on social media since she was announced as a speaker. She says Trump is the most qualified man to turn around the nation. She says Trump is America’s best opportunity to return to greatness.

10:51: Brown not talking about trade as an actress and an avocado farmer. She says she has seen TV and movie productions move out of the country because of high taxes and regulations that hurt sound techs and cameramen and others doing production work. She says when she was an actress she didn’t understand what the local union folks were talking about but now she does. She says as an avocado grower, she has seen the domestic market flooded with imports that have driven some farmers out of business. Brown says Trump raised these concerns before the elites and he’ll make trade deals that benefit working men and women and their families “right here in America.” She says there will be a time for a woman president, but let’s be clear–the Democrats offer up a woman who when she had a chance to stand up for women, did not do so.

Brown says she personally know victims and they find Clinton’s “remarks and actions repulsive.”

10:46: Kimberlin Brown says she’s offended when they are Democrats “typecast us as single-issue voters.” Brown speaking about how Obamacare has forced some of her employees off of their health care plans and onto Obamacare. She speaks about not going with paychecks to ensure her employees were paid and says that’s the story of small business owners across America. She says Obamacare has become a “wake-up call” to all of her young employees and they are all voting Republican this year.

10:38: Carson says he has learned that one of Clinton’s heroes/mentors was Saul Alinsky. “This was someone she greatly admired… and that affected all of her philosophies subsequently.” Carson says Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals”/Clinton’s hero acknowledges Lucifer. Carson says he is proud to support Donald Trump, whom he calls “the right leader for a time such as this.” He says now is the time to rise up and take America back as Thomas Jefferson said the people should do when they recognize what they were about to lose.

10:36: Carson says Clinton would appoint Supreme Court Justices and federal judges and that will have a “deleterious” effect for generations and continue an education system that harms young people, keeps them dependent so they can be “cultivated for their votes.”

10:35: Carson says he is “not politically correct And I hate political correctness because it’s antithetical to the founding of the country… and the secular progressives use it” to get people to shut up and sit down. Carson says we must resist the narrative some people are pushing the Clinton will only impact America for eight years. Carson says American may never recover from eight years of Clinton.

10:34: Dr. Ben Carson gets a tremendous ovation. “Don’t eat up my time,” he jokes to the audience.

10:26: Sen. Shelley Moore Capito says Clinton has profited from closed-door speeches that paid her fees that would buy several houses in West Virginia while having the laws bend in her favor for the last 30 years. She says Clinton doesn’t realize her calculated policies impact real people. She says Clinton can’t be trusted with classified information or to play by the same rules as everyone else. She says nobody who has lost the trust of the American people should serve as our president.

10:17: Donald Trump says his dad won’t use the highest office in the land for personal enrichment and has actually created job and signed the front of a paycheck and has people’s lives dependent on the success of his companies and does not need focused-grouped analytics to form a simple opinion.

10:15: Trump Jr. is railing against Clinton’s vow to take away gun rights and asks how that’s working in Chicago. He says the city’s gun control laws failed because criminals don’t follow laws.

10:08: Donald Trump Jr. says his father didn’t hide behind a desk but spent time with workers and valued their opinions more than people from Harvard and Ivy League schools. He says his dad has promoted people based on work ethic and street smarts instead of paper credentials. He says some of the top executives in Trump’s organization are people who started out in blue-collar jobs but Trump saw potential in them. He says Trump sees potential in people that they don’t often see in themselves. He says other other executives ignore such qualities in favor of degrees from fancy schools. He says that is why he feels more comfortable in a Caterpillar tractor than a golf cart. Donald Trump Jr. says he learned more from people who go PhDs in common sense. He says our schools used to be an elevator to the middle class, now they are stalled on the ground floor. Trump Jr. says Dems. fear the free market because they care more about protecting the jobs of tenured teachers than serving students in desperate need of a good education. He says Dems. don’t understand their policies have caused poverty. Trump also says Sanders was right when he said immigrants drive down wages.

10:04: Donald Trump Jr. wants to talk about the country our children will grow up. He says for too long, our country has ignored problems and punted them down the road. He says that’s why we need to elect a man who has a track record of accomplishing the impossible. He says Trump is motivated when people say something is impossible. He says they said Trump couldn’t go from Queens to New York and he ended up changing NY’s skyline.  He says he saw that look in his eye when they said he couldn’t succeed in politics.

10:00: Kerry Woolard speaks about how Trump revived the Virginia winery. She says Trump helped her think bigger and has told her that a person’s own work ethic and drive are the only limitations to success.

9:57: Tiffany Trump says the measure of a parent is how they support you when you are down. She says the first person who called her when her friend passed away was her father.

9:50: Christie: The facts of Clinton’s life and career disqualify her from being president.

9:48: Christie: Clinton cared more about protecting her own secrets than protecting America’s secrets.

He asks the crowd if Clinton is guilty of the charge of putting herself before the American people.

9:37: New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie says he has been Trump’s friend for the last 14 years. He says this election is also about Hillary Rodham Clinton. Christie says over the last eight years, we’ve seen the administration not hold her accountable for her dismal record. Clinton says he will hold her accountable for  her performance and character in his speech tonight. Crowd chants “LOCK HER UP! LOCK HER UP!”

He denounces Clinton for failures in Libya and creating ISIS. Christie says Clinton fought for two years to keep an Al-Qaeda affiliate off of the terrorist watch list in Nigeria. He said these terrorist abducted hundreds of school girls and they are still missing today. He says the Obama/Clinton team’s solution was a “hashtag campaign.”

“She fights for the wrong people,” he says.

Christie says Clinton was so desperate for Chinese r that she promised to oppose the “buy American” provision in the stimulus bill. She put Chinese financiers ahead of good-paying jobs for Americans.

He’s now blasting Clinton for calling Syria’s Assad a “reformer” and “different kind of leader.” He says there are now 400,000 dead at the hands of the man Hillary defended.

Christie attacks Clinton for the Iran deal.

Christie says Clinton’s Russian “reset” button should have read “delete. She’s good at that.”

He assails Clinton for coddling the Castro brothers and betraying the family of a fallen state trooper by coddling Assata Shakur.

9:30: House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) says Republicans believe in an America that isn’t divide by race, gender or religion. He says Republicans believe in an America that only works when “we put your interests above the special interests.”

9:18: House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) thanks Cleveland for looking after them this week. He also wants to thank the men and women from law enforcement who are here for your service. Ryan says “it all has a familiar feel” standing on stage. He says it was a great honor to be the VP nominee in 2012 even though things didn’t work out well. He says he will be right at the rostrum with President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence during the next State of the Union address. Ryan says the Dem. convention will be four days of “moralizing” and it is a reminder of all that is at stake this election. He says 2016 is the year America moves on from the Obama/Clinton years. Ryan also says “progressives deliver everything except for progress.” He is not talking about a “contest of ideas” and says when it’s about ideas, the “advantage goes to us.”

[Ryan sounds like he is checking off a list of things to read. He has a tough time not coming off as impersonal.]


Ryan says Republicans can show poor American a way beyond persistent poverty, a way that shows poor Americans a world behind “liberal warehousing” and “check-writing.” He says it’s “all on the line” this election.

9:12: Mitch McConnell (some boos) points out Clinton lied about her email server, lied about Benghazi and even lied about why her parents named her Hillary. He says Trump will bills Republicans pass unlike Obama, who has vetoed things like the Keystone Pipeline. He wants to keep the Senate and elect a president who believes America is exceptional.

9:08: Trump makes an appearance via satellite. He says today has been a “very special day” and is something he will never, ever forget. He says this stage of the presidential process has come to a close “and together we’ve achieved historic results.” He says “this is a movement” but “we have to go all the way.” Trump says he looks forward to sharing his thoughts on Thursday. He says it’s an honor to run on a ticket with Gov. Mike Pence. Trump vows to win Ohio and win the presidency and bring “real change” and “leadership” back to Washington. He says he will put American people first, rebuild our depleted military, take care of veterans, bring back jobs, have strong borders, restore law and order, and get rid of ISIS.

9:03: LPGA superstar Natalie Gulbis (great choice as a character witness) wants to speak about a man she admires and found to be gracious, generous and inspiring. Gulbis says that when she earned her tour card 16 years ago, she was told there were only two things you shouldn’t talk about in public–politics and faith. She says she is going to violate that rule today at the RNC as a Christian woman. Gulbis says she has always wanted to own a Boys and Girls Club and felt that she was treated unfairly as a woman. Trump helped her open up her own Boys and Girls Club. Trump, she says, encouraged her to be “fearless” and to think of herself as a businessperson instead of a female athlete.

Gulbis, who defended Michelle Wie back in the day when people were piling on her, says Trump remains a consistent voice who reminds her to stand up to gender injustice and lean in to any challenge that comes her way.

8:57: The NRA’s Chris Cox says Clinton says the Supreme Court is wrong about the Second Amendment and after Justice Scalia’s death, a Clinton presidency “means your right to own a firearm is gone.” He says this election is about the “next forty years” and sitting it out is “not an option.” He says Clinton has been protected by a good guy with a gun for the last 30 years and she has never had to dial 9-1-1 when in danger. Cox says American women are the fastest-growing group of gun owners.


8:52: Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) points out that he was the guy who got under Clinton’s skin and got the “what difference, at this point, does it make?” out of her.

8:50 Businessman Andy Wist says after 30 years in public life, Hillary Clinton’s only accomplishment is  “beating the rap every time she breaks the law.”

8:48: Mukasey: Hillary Clinton trying to be first candidate to be president after already having violated oath.

8:45: Former Attorney General Michael Mukasey says that how Clinton dealt with the nation’s secrets and what she said when she got caught disqualifies her from being president.

He says the United States was founded on the Constitution and the most important power given to the President is to be Commander-in-Chief. He says the Constitution requires that the President swears to faithfully execute the office and preserve, protect and defend the Constitution. He says Clinton took a similar oath when she became Secretary of State and violated it.


8:37: Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge says that Clinton is still “poor” in all the ways that count–poor judgement, poor policies, and poor decisions. She says Clinton is a lawyer but she acts like the law doesn’t apply to her. She says, as her dad would say. “Hillary would lie even when the truth would server her better.”

8:35: Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson says “strength” and “new energy” are things not associated with Hillary Clinton. He says if you liked the last eight years, Clinton will give you double trouble.

8:30: UFC President Dana White says he wants to tell the audience about the Donald Trump that he knows. He says nobody took him seriously except for Trump. White says Trump encouraged him to build his business and saw UFC’s potential and got in the trenches. He says he stands with Trump tonight because he stood with UFC before it was a success. White says Trump has great business instincts, is a hard worker, and is a loyal and supportive friend. White says you can tell a lot about someone like Trump by how happy they are when others succeed.

He says he knows fighters and Trump will fight for this country.

8:25: RNC Co-Chair Sharon Day asks the audience to wonder what it would like to have Clinton as president. She says businesses would suffer and industry would be destroyed. She says honesty, ethics, and integrity would be taught in history class because the values of this country would become history. She slams Clinton for hypocritically playing the gender card when as Senator she paid women less than men and then as Secretary of state lied to the mothers, wives, and daughters of those who died in combat. She slams her foundation for accepting donations from country’s that oppress women. She also slams Clinton for viciously attacking the character of “women who were sexually abused at the hands of your husband” as First Lady. 

8:22: House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) formally declares Donald Trump and Mike Pence the GOP nominees for President and Vice President of these United States.

8:12: Indiana Lieutenant Gov. Eric Holcomb puts Mike Pence’s name into nomination.

8:10: Paul Ryan announces that Trump is officially the GOP nominee for president.

8:08: Final vote count:

Donald Trump: 1,725

Ted Cruz: 475

John Kasich: 120

Marco Rubio: 114

Dr. Ben Carson: 7

Jeb! Bush: 3

Rand Paul: 2



7:45: Trump will address the convention via satellite later tonight:


7:32: Never Trump agitators not trying to pull shenanigans on the floor to get attention.


It’s official. Donald J. Trump Wins GOP Presidential Nomination.

7:11: Donald Trump Jr. vows that his dad will put New York in play in the general election. He says his it is his honor to put Trump over the top with 89 of the state’s delegates. He says his dad gave average Americans a voice this election cycle.

“Congratulations Dad! We love you,” he says.

7:02: New York passes so the Empire State can put Trump over the top.

6:59: Lo and behold, Gov. Susana Martinez helps New Mexico cast its 24 votes for Donald Trump.

6:47: Michigan passes so that New York can put Trump over the top.

6:45: Trump getting close to the 1,237 delegates need to clinch nomination. He’s over 800 after  Maryland.

6:28: Florida delegate booed when he says Florida is the state that gave LeBron James his first two champions. All 99 of the state’s votes to Trump.

6:25: Crowd Boos Colorado delegation/attention-seekers:

6:22: Ecstatic California Delegation (172 delegates for Trump!):

6:12: Roll call of the states has begun.

6:05: Outside the convention halls:



From Andy Badolato:
Iraq war diplomatic security style tail gunners, AKA Trunk Monkeys with M4 battle rifle variants. They look like Federal or local law enforcement CAT (counter assault team) teams.


6:03: Henry McMaster of South Carolina says he was the first elected official in the country to endorse Trump. He says it was lonely for a bit but “no more.” He says the “sleeping giant of the American spirit has been awakened.” He says Trump is a remarkable man of “uncommon strength, uncommon determination, accomplishment, and vision.” McMaster says “there’s something happening here. What it is precisely here. We are going to make America great again with Donald Trump. Thank you and God bless you.”

5:59: Rep. Chris Collins (R-NY) thanks Sessions for standing with him in support of Trump. He says Western New York has been devastated by “unfair trade deals” that have allowed Mexico and China to “steal our jobs.” He says we have been losing under Barack Obama. Collins says the federal government is trampling on our rights while our country has no borders. “Enough is enough,” he says. “It’s time to take back our country. The great United States of America.” He says Trump is not just a candidate but a “movement.”

5:58: Sessions says it is his distinct honor and great pleasure to nominate Donald Trump for the office of the presidency of the United States of America.

5:53: Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) says Americans love our country “like no other people on earth. But we have gotten off course. And the American people know it. Our political system is not working.” He says good Americans want the political games to end. Sessions slams Obama for blaming the police while crime is rising. He blasts the political, corporate, and media establishments for being politically correct. He says Trump was not intimidated and “he would not be silenced. He spoke the truth. He gave voice to the people’s concerns.” He mentions Trump’s opposition to bad trade deals and support for law and order and police officers.  Sessions says voters reward Trump’s courage. He says Trump is positive by nature and has “tremendous energy and strength.” He calls trump a “warrior” and “winner” who loves his country and is determined to see it become a “winner” again. He says he believes Trump is the singular leader who can get the country back on track.

5:50: House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) says it’s an honor to be at the convention. He is going over procedural rules.

5:45: Disgusting scene outside the convention:

5:43: RNC Chair Reince Priebus calls the convention back to order.

5:35: Big Ratings for First Night of GOP convention:


5:30: When the GOP convention resumes, Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) will put Donald Trump’s name into nomination. Rep. Chris Collins (R-NY) and South Carolina Lieutenant Governor Henry McMaster will give seconding speeches.