***2016 LiveWire*** All Eyes on Mike Pence

US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump (right) and Indiana Governor Mike Pence attend a campaign rally in Westfield, on July 12, 2016

Welcome to Breitbart News’s live updates of the 2016 Republican National Convention. Wednesday’s theme is “Make America First Again,” and vice presidential nominee Mike Pence highlights tonight’s program. Other speakers will include Eric Trump, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), Newt and Callista Gingrich, Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, Pastor Darrell Scott, retired astronaut Eileen Collins and small business owners.


All times eastern.

***4:33: Cleveland law enforcement sources tell Breitbart News that urine bombs were found in a parking garage near the convention.***

4:20: Two agitators reportedly detained outside convention:

4:18: Mayhem after attempted flag burning:




4:13: Cops rushing toward chaotic scene in Cleveland.

3:00: Trump weighs on reports that he was considering Kasich to be his VP:

2:35: Trump’s plane flies over Cruz’s event right at the moment Cruz talks about having almost defeated Trump.

2:22: Trump arrives and vows to win Ohio. He wants to introduce Pence and says he’s going to be short this time because he went a little long the last time. He introduces Pence. Pence says “we’re excited for you to address the nation tomorrow night.” He says “what begins in Cleveland will end in the White House.”

2:15: Everyone awaiting Trump’s chopper:

2:09: Cruz that in Indiana there were about 15 cameras when he was exiting the race and he says he didn’t want to let the SOBs turn “Lyin’ Ted into Cryin’ Ted.” He’s fired up and genuinely thanks his supporters for sticking by him.

2:00: Cruz says one of the great things about being an American is having a spouse who is a soul mate who tries to keep your feet to the ground when you are up and tries to lift your feet up off the ground when you are down.

1:52: Cruz delegates chanting “we love Ted.” Cruz, addressing his supporters, says this afternoon’s purpose is to say thank you. Cruz says his campaign was about a lot more than one campaign or candidate. He says it was a “movement all across this country.” He says he is reminded over and over again of the inspiration he received on the campaign trail. Cruz says he has been inspired by his supporters during the campaign. He’s speaking of the various people who inspired him during his campaign. Cruz talks about a woman in Iowa who picked up Heidi in Iowa and volunteered every week on his campaign even though she was home-schooling her children. Cruz wants to pause and reflect on the more than 326,00 volunteers all over the country. He says collectively, we raised $92 million more than any Republican in primary history. He says that came from 1.8 million contributions averaging $50. He says his campaign “astonished” the Washington establishment. “None of that happens without each of you,” he says. He says none of this happens without his supporters willing to “stand for something that matters” while taking a lot of abuse for supporting Cruz. Cruz now reciting some lines from “Patton.” Cruz says he doesn’t know what the future holds as his audience chants “2020!” Crowd also boos when Cruz refers to Trump as the GOP nominee.

1:10: Cruz about to address delegates in Cleveland. Trump set to arrive at Cleveland rally this afternoon in helicopter.

12:35: Trump campaign now issues statement on speechwriter who helped Melania with her speech. Meredith McIver offered her resignation but Trump did not accept it, saying people make innocent mistakes. McIver says Melania admires Michelle Obama and read some lines from Obama’s speech to her that she wrote down and then later inadvertently included in the speech.

11:36: Trump on Melania’s speech:

11:20: Rudy perplexed by Jeb!:

11:02: Everything changes once Clinton becomes the official Dem. nominee and media put on their Dem. uniforms.

10:50: Trump spokeswoman Pierson to Breitbart’s Sonnie Johnson: “At the time Donald Trump was helping women get into prominent positions, helping minorities get into prominent positions in business, Hilary Clinton and Bill Clinton were building prisons and mass-incarcerating black youth.”

10:45: On Breitbart News’s live broadcast in Cleveland, Trump national spokeswoman Katrina Pierson, a black Republican, tells host Sonnie Johnson that it’s funny that she is invisible to the anchors and pundits who hurl “racism” accusations at Trump. She says even a black Republican would have been branded as “racist” in some way. She says it’s easy to paint a country club Republican (Johnson makes a great point that establishment Republicans care more about doing research on black Americans than actually doing outreach) as a “racist” but “you can’t do that with Trump at with Trump because he has a career of hiring minorities, putting them in prominent positions.” She cites the black women executives in Trump’s organization and even mentions that Trump even worked with Jesse Jackson in the 1980s to bring minorities into the business world. ” She says Trump truly cares about minorities and inner cities and is driven by that passion.

10:33: Manafort also says Trump may make an appearance after Pence’s speech tonight.

10:32: Delicate dance for Ted Cruz tonight.

10:28: Media trying to gin up these reports from yesterday:

10:25: Testing confirms that there was indeed a norovirus outbreak:

10:15: Lobbyists will reportedly bolt before Trump’s speech because they don’t want anything to do with him. [Good optics for Trump.]

10:05: Biden tells foreign audience that “better angels” will prevail.




9:50: On MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Chris Christie says what motivates Trump is wanting to be a “winner” and not a “loser.” And he says he needs to expand his political team beyond his immediate family and Paul Manafort.

9:45: Santorum touting Mike Pence’s selection to Iowa delegation:

9:35: Trump closing in on Clinton in average of polls.