Inquisitr: ‘Clinton Cash’ Shows How Bill and Hillary ‘Monetized Public Service’

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Carla Miles writes at Inquisitr about the stunning revelations in Peter Schweizer’s bestselling book “Clinton Cash,” as well as the documentary film and new graphic novel of the same name.

With the release of a graphic novel and the film based upon his newest book, Clinton Cash, writer Peter Schweizer has come to certain conclusions, after spending countless hours in research and before publishing his current bestseller, which has been stirring the political pot.

“It really is a topic that goes to the heart and soul of why people are so frustrated and angry at Washington, which is this perception that politicians go in with relatively modest means and they come out fabulously wealthy,” the author is quoted by Elizabeth Harrington last May in her story for the Free Beacon.

“And the Clinton’s have done that, there’s no logical explanation other than that they have monetized public service in a massive way.”


One very significant uranium-mining deal, pulled from the Clinton Cash book and mentioned over at the New Yorker by writer Amy Davidson, seems to illustrate why Schweizer is so determined to get his information out to the voting public before November.

“‘… [P]eople involved in a series of Canadian uranium-mining deals channeled money to the Clinton Foundation while the firm at the deal’s center had business before the State Department,’ according to her report on the matter. ‘And, in one case, a Russian investment bank connected to the deals paid money to Bill Clinton personally, through a half-million-dollar speaker’s fee.’”

And, while it is all very complicated, those watchful voters on the world wide web are not just shocked into silence. They are engaging with each other.

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