Harry Reid: Donald Trump an ‘Ego Maniac’ and ‘Hateful Con Man’

Harry Reid
The Associated Press

Outgoing Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid denounced Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, blaming Senate Republicans for setting a tone of racism, sexism, homophobia, and discrimination that fueled his rise to power.

“The only thing Republicans like Mitch McConnell have accomplished is setting the stage for a hateful con man, Donald Trump,” he said. He added snarkily that he was happy to be in a room that “respects reason and facts.”

He took the stage wearing the sunglasses that he has preferred to wear after a horrific accident that shattered his eyesocket, before removing them for his speech.

Reid described Trump as an “egomaniac” who found his home in the modern Republican party that did all they could to oppose Obama.

“Parents, you’re right to worry about your children hearing what comes out of Donald Trump’s mouth,” he said. “Republicans, you should have been careful also because Donald Trump learned it from watching you.”

He also lectured Republicans for failing to stand against Trump’s offensive behavior, putting their party over principals.

“You know, they say they believe in country first?” he asked. “What a joke.”

Reid called for a number of Democratic liberal policies, including an assault weapons ban, cyber security, amnesty, and solar and wind subsidies.

The Nevada senator has announced his plan to retire in 2016.

“In a few months I’ll be stepping out of the ring one last time, but Democrats will always, always be in your corner,” he said. “So together let’s keep fighting, together, fighting the good fight.”