WikiLeaks Releases DNC Voice Mail: ‘You Guys Are Losing Me’


WikiLeaks is out with more than two dozen voicemails from the Democratic National Committee, which feature frantic complaints about how the DNC is too soft on Sen. Bernie Sanders (D.-Vt.) and his supporters.

“What is the DNC doing allowing to put Cornel West on the platform committee. He called President Obama a negro president and he said he was a Republican in black face,” said one female caller featured twice in the WikiLeaks dump.

“Why does the DNC allow such trash to be on the Platform Committee?” she asked. “You guys are losing me. I am getting fed up with the Democratic Party, because I am so tired of this campaign, of seeing the Democrats just lay back and say, ‘OK Bernie, whatever you want to do. Whatever you want, we’ll give it to you.'”

The name attached to the phone number is Susan Hartman, Phoenix, Arizona.

The woman was not done.

“You know what is saying? He’s telling [inaudible] he may not even support Hillary, so I don’t know and I don’t understand why you guys I don’t have some courage to say: ‘No.'”

Also in the emails are two ambassadors following up on their invitations to the White House for a small dinner with President Barack Obama and the other checking up on the invitation to the St. Patrick’s Day reception.

Celebrity attorney Gloria Allred calls in for Jordan Kaplan, the Democratic National Committee’s national finance director: “Hi, Jordan. Gloria Allred calling for our 3:30 call two minutes early, so I guess I’ll call you again in two minutes.”

One young woman named April leaves three messages begging someone to talk to her about what is going on in Philadelphia.

But, Hartman is not done.

“I am furious about what you are for Bernie Sanders,” she said.

“He’s getting way too much influence,” she said. “I am on a fixed income and I spent over $300 donated to Hillary and what I see is the DNC bending over backwards for Bernie and Bernie is the worst person in the world to even be running in the Democratic Party–he’s not even a Democrat.”

Hartman was really pleading with the DNC to shut down Sanders.

“Please don’t give in to him,” she said. “I don’t care about Sanders supporters. Most of them are going to vote for Hillary anyway. Quit acquiescing to this person, who like to play the victim card and  who also has been attacking Hillary, which gives Trump all his talking points.”

Then comes the threat: “I will leave the Democratic Party as the Democratic Party continues to cuddle Bernie Sanders–get rid of this —hole!”