Unscripted: Pennsylvania Crowd Welcomes Donald Trump’s Straight Talk

<> on July 27, 2016 in Scranton, Pennsylvania.
John Moore/Getty Images
Washington, DC

Republican nominee Donald Trump can till go off the teleprompter, even after delivering one of his most “presidential” speeches at the VFW on Tuesday.

True to form, the New Yorker took on the media during a press conference in Miami on Wednesday morning and mocked Bill Clinton’s “I met a girl” speech during a packed campaign rally in Pennsylvania on Wednesday afternoon.

“He didn’t mention my favorite chapter. He left one chapter out,” Trump joked of Bill Clinton’s speech where the former president painted a love story of how he first met Hillary Clinton.

“Man. ‘I met a girl. I met a girl,’” Trump stated, mocking Clinton’s speech. “You know, it’s funny when he starts the speech last night he said, ‘I met a girl.’ And I said, ‘That’s politically incorrect!” And I saw Rachel Maddow give him hell over that. It’s not girl!”

“It’s supposed to be, ‘I met a woman. I met a woman,’” Trump corrected. “And didn’t he say, ‘I then grabbed her?’ And I said, ‘Boy, this is getting a little crazy — now what’s going on?”

“’I grabbed her!’” Trump mimicked Clinton. “And then when he said that I knew that my favorite chapter would happen and it didn’t happen. He didn’t talk about the kinds of things we want to hear about.”

The crowd in Scranton, Pennsylvania ate up Trump’s straight talk.