EXCLUSIVE–Ben Carson: Police Shootings Create ‘Anxiety Amongst the Police Officers’

July 28, 2016
Washington, DC

Dr. Ben Carson says the string of police shootings across the nation has created “anxiety amongst the police officers.”

During an exclusive interview with Breitbart News, the former GOP presidential candidate mentioned the police shooting in San Diego, California late Thursday night where one police officer was killed and another was injured.

“We don’t know all the circumstances, but any time we lose our police officers to violence is a tragedy for our society,” Carson stated during an interview early Friday morning. “The worse part is that it is creating anxiety amongst the police officers themselves.”

I was talking to a police officer yesterday and he was saying it’s getting progressively harder for them to want to risk their lives under the circumstances where they know that there are so many people who hate them and have malice in their heart and want to hurt them. There are circumstances where ordinarily they would go in there and try to do something and here, they’re questioning the benefit and risk ratio in terms of their lives.

One suspect is in custody and the San Diego Police Department is currently pursuing others.

The shooting in San Diego comes after police officers have been ambushed and murdered across the country including the recent attacks in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Dallas, Texas earlier this month.