Trump: We’ve Never Been this United

Trump Speaks, Claps AP PhotoEvan Vucci
Washington, DC

GOP nominee Donald Trump touted the campaign’s unity at the start of his rally in Daytona Beach, Florida on Wednesday afternoon.

“I think we’ve never been this united,” Trump said. “It’s the best in terms of being united.”

His comments on unity come after earlier news reports that Republican leaders are planning to hold an “intervention” with Trump and researching the rules on who would replace him if Trump were to drop out of the race.

Trump’s senior advisor Stephen Miller spoke prior to the billionaire taking the stage, dismissing the latest headlines circling the campaign.


Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, who introduced Trump at the campaign rally, mocked the story of an “intervention.”

“This is an intervention,” Flynn said, referencing Trump’s huge crowds.

Trump also talked about the Wall Street Journal report on Tuesday night, exposing that the Obama administration paid $400 million to Iran at the time four American hostages were released fromTehran. The State Department said the payment was not ransom, but Iranian media reports suggest that ransom is how Iranian officials described it.

“Such a bad precedent set by Obama,” Trump stated. “Two more have been kidnapped since then.”

“What we’re doing is insane. We have a president that doesn’t know what the hell is going on,” he added. “I don’t think he likes me.”

Trump took a swipe at Hillary Clinton and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), who has traded jabs back and forth with the billionaire throughout the election, about the future of the Supreme Court.

“She will put people so far left that our country will become Venezuela,” he said of Clinton, referencing Warren as an example.

“What an insult to Pocahontas, isn’t it,” Trump said, when referencing Warren, whom he nicknamed Pocahontas because of her questionable claim to being Native American. “I apologize ladies and gentlemen to Pocahontas.”

Trump also took a swipe at Obama saying he plays more golf than people in the PGA. “I like to play golf. I’m a good golfer, believe it or not. I should play Obama for the presidency.”