The Hill: Donald Trump’s ‘Path to Victory Depends on Surge of White Men’

<> on August 1, 2016 in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania.
John Moore/Getty Images

Alexander Bolton at The Hill writes that Donald Trump needs the support of more white male voters than the polls currently indicate.

From The Hill:

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump needs a surge of white working-class voters to beat Hillary Clinton in November.

Clinton has significant leads over Trump among minority voters and women, and is handily defeating him with white college-educated women.

That puts pressure on Trump to win white men like no other candidate in recent history.

Trump believes his anti-trade, anti-immigration message will be popular with white, working-class voters in Pennsylvania and Ohio, and that it could help him compete in other Rust Belt states such as Michigan and Wisconsin.

His electoral strategy revolves around winning Pennsylvania, something the Republican nominee hasn’t done since 1988. Michigan and Wisconsin have also been reliably Democratic states for decades.

Trump would seem to face tough prospects.

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