Hillary Clinton: ‘Haters Don’t Build, Haters Tear Down’

Hateful Hillary Matt RourkeAP
Matt RourkeAP

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton warned Americans that Donald Trump and the Republican party were “haters” that were not interested in fixing America’s problems.

Clinton described the Republican National Convention as “so negative, so pessimistic, so dark” with a lot of “fear and hate.”

“Haters don’t build, haters tear down,” she said during her campaign rally in St. Petersburg, Florida this afternoon.

Clinton insisted that Trump was dangerous for the country and unsuitable for facing a crisis in the Oval Office, and she portrayed him as a bully.

“He is the same person that can be provoked by a Tweet, and who takes apparent pleasure in tormenting protesters at his rallies, a reporter with a tough question, even a crying baby and a Gold Star family,” Clinton said.

She mocked Trump, pointing out that after a week of controversial statements highlighted by the media, he was scrambling to get his campaign back on track.

“Don’t be fooled—there is no other Donald Trump,” she said. “What you see is what you get.”

Clinton mocked Trump’s economic plan, which he released in Detroit today, pointing out that it was a repeat of the same trickle down economics that allowed rich people to avoid paying taxes.

“We are going to raise it on the wealthy because that’s where the money is!” she said, referring to her proposed tax rates.

She argued that Trump would sink America back into an economic depression, after everything that Obama did after the stock market crash in 2008.

“Don’t let a friend vote Trump,” she said.