Tim Kaine Preaches: America, Put Your Faith in Hillary Clinton

tim kaine

Hillary Clinton’s running mate Sen. Tim Kaine wants faithful Democrats to put their faith in Hillary Clinton.

During a speech to the Progressive National Baptist Convention in New Orleans, Kaine cited the book of Job in Scripture to explain the current economic climate in America.

“Job doesn’t suffer because he’s evil. He doesn’t suffer because of his mistakes. It’s not about blaming the victim,” Kaine said. “His suffering isn’t about the past at all. His suffering is about the future.”

He argued that just like Job, America hadn’t done anything wrong, but they’re values were being tested and he urged the pastors to be thankful for President Barack Obama’s accomplishments in office.

“This president has not gotten credit on the economy, or on anything else, that he deserves,” Kaine said. “And President Obama also shares that Hillary Clinton trait of, he’s not going to be going around doing a lot of bragging. That’s just not his natural thing.”

He said that everyone in America should be “proud” of Obama’s accomplishments even though that just like Job, there was still suffering in the country following the recession.

“We have to decide like Job, how are we going to respond?” he asked. “Are we going to respond by changing our principles, abandoning our principles, or are we going to respond by remaining true to them?”

Kaine argued that supporting Clinton for president was the answer to America’s suffering.

“When we summon that strength, when we hold true to our principles, when we ask ourselves the question that Job asked and realize that our strength is in our God and in each other and in our principles, we will be rewarded. It will come back to us multiplied,” he said. “Let’s keep marching forward. Let’s keep building that beloved community and please support me as we elect Hillary Clinton the next president of the United States.”