After Slaying Paul Ryan’s TPP, Paul Nehlen Sets Sights on Ryan’s ‘Jail-Break’ Crime Agenda

Paul Nehlen motorcycle
Washington D.C.

Wisconsin businessman Paul Nehlen is calling on House Speaker Paul Ryan to abandon his plan to bring up “Obama’s jail-break [criminal sentencing] legislation” in September, and instead “put the security of Wisconsinites over the security of the criminal class.”

As Roll Call reported, last month Ryan announced his intention to bring up for a vote “legislation to overhaul the criminal justice system in September.” These so-called “criminal sentencing reform” proposals have been criticized by conservatives and law enforcement officials such as Senator Jeff Sessions and Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke.

Sheriff Clarke has been particularly vocal in criticizing Ryan for working to pass Obama’s “criminal sentencing reform” agenda and has accused Ryan and GOP elites of having “gotten in bed with this sleazy movement of pro-criminality.”

Nehlen’s comments come after Milwaukee erupted in violence this weekend following Black Lives Matter riots over a black police officer shooting of an armed black man with a lengthy arrest record.

“The BLM riots in Milwaukee pose a serious security threat to ALL of Wisconsin,” Nehlen said in an online video message. “But Speaker Ryan is such a failed leader he can’t even bring himself to say the words ‘All Lives Matter’.”

What we saw this weekend in Milwaukee is fallout from decades of GOP and Democrat leadership shipping jobs overseas and flooding the U.S. work force with cheap, low-paid labor from the south. Even worse, Speaker Ryan’s answer is to acquiesce to the demands of the BLM terrorists. Speaker Ryan’s response is to promise to pass Barack Obama’s criminal jail-break legislation that would release thousands of violent criminals onto our streets.

“I’m calling on Paul Ryan to do two things,” Nehlen said. “First, Ryan should promise to secure our streets by refusing to pass Obama’s jail-break legislation, and put the security of Wisconsinites over the security of the criminal class; and second, Ryan should put an immediate halt to the flood of low-paid labor coming into the U.S. and finally put Americans’ job security above the job security of low-paid labor from the south.”

In recent weeks, Ryan has made multiple statements which seem to lend credibility to the anti-law enforcement Black Lives Matter movement. As The Hill reported, Ryan seemed sympathetic to the common progressive claim that racism in America’s police departments is victimizing black Americans:

[Ryan] called the concerns of the Black Lives Matter movement ‘profound’ and said communities need to come together to find solutions to the issues people are facing. ‘People feel like they’re being discriminated against and they’re not safe because of the color of their skin, so that’s profound, and because people believe that, we have to listen to that,’ Ryan said [during a CNN town hall].

“There are a lot of people in this country, who, because of the color of their skin, do not feel safe. That is a problem that a lot of people feel this way. So let’s go figure out what to do about it,” Ryan said. “What are our solutions? That’s why we’re actually putting together, just this week, a bipartisan group to look at policing strategies, to look at police training…”

Ryan has also said that the Black Lives Matter movement is not to blame for the recent violence against police officers— even though members of the movement promoted anti-police chants such as: “Pigs in a blanket! Fry ‘em like bacon!”

“You can’t blame the shooting [of five Dallas police officers] on Black Lives Matter,” Ryan said.

Nehlen’s call for Speaker Ryan to abandon his support for Obama’s “jail-break legislation” comes on the heels of Nehlen’s success in getting Ryan to back away from championing Obama’s Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement.

Last Tuesday, Nehlen broke records in his historic primary campaign against Speaker Ryan.  Nehlen won 16% of the vote — the largest share of the vote any primary challenger has received against Congressman Ryan as an incumbent.

As Breitbart News has previously reported, “thanks to Nehlen’s bare-knuckle campaign against Ryan,” Ryan was forced to rhetorically distance himself from his longstanding support for the Trans Pacific Partnership agreement. Breitbart reported:

After spending more than a year praising the TPP, and pushing through the Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) package needed to grease the skids for it last year, Ryan came out against the TPP because of this race.

Nehlen killed the Trans Pacific Partnership. In the ultimate David vs. Goliath race—first-time candidate against 18-year incumbent and sitting House Speaker—singlehandedly put a dagger through the heart of that Speaker’s and the sitting president’s biggest globalist agenda item. Paul Nehlen shut down more of President Barack Obama’s agenda from the campaign trail here in Janesville over just a few months than Ryan has been able to do over eight years of supposedly fighting his administration…

In an exclusive interview following the race, Nehlen told Breitbart, “I have repeatedly said that what pushed me into this race was Ryan’s betrayal of Wisconsin workers with his support for TPP. I would have run on the issue of the TPP alone. My campaign was intensely focused on educating the public on the horrors of this multinational trade agreement. We knew that if we continued to show the voters the truth about what’s in it, we could kill it. And we did.”

“As a result of our campaign, people know where Ryan stands. The mask has been pulled off, the charade is over, the sentiment behind the smirk has been revealed, the con is up,” Nehlen told reporters and supporters on election night.

Nehlen accomplished this despite facing opposition from local Wisconsin talk radio hosts, sabotage from the Wisconsin state GOP, and negative coverage from local media outlets—such as the Janesville Gazette and the Journal Sentinel— which seemed willing to block out coverage of national news stories in order to keep opposition to Ryan from resonating throughout the district.

Against these overwhelming obstacles, Nehlen’s campaign succeeded in opening up a window for a conservative populist movement to take hold in establishment Wisconsin. Prior to Nehlen, Ryan had never faced a significant primary challenge as an incumbent. As the Washington Post reported, Ryan and most Republican leaders now find themselves “in an incendiary populist vortex that is unrelenting in its animus toward seasoned elected officials, in particular those like Ryan who have encouraged bipartisan immigration reform.” By “bipartisan immigration reform,” the Washington Post is referring to Ryan’s efforts alongside open borders advocate Luis Gutierrez to enact the Obama-Rubio amnesty agenda of 2013.

Indeed, on election night, Nehlen told reporters that his primary campaign against Ryan was “just the beginning.”

On Sunday, Nehlen announced the launch of his new super PAC. Nehlen told Breitbart that his new super PAC is “devoted to promoting America First policies such as reining in out of control immigration, promoting good trade deals that prioritize the interests of American workers, enforcing law and order to keep American communities safe, and ending the corporate special interests’ control of Washington.”