Trump in Ohio Continues Appeal to Black Americans: ‘What Do You Have to Lose?’

Evan Vucci/AP
Washington, DC

Donald Trump continued his populist message and appealed to African American voters in Akron, Ohio during his campaign rally on Monday night.

“What do you have to lose? I will straighten it out,” Trump told roughly 4,000 supporters, criticizing the inner cities, which he says have been run by Democrats. “They have produced only poverty, failing schools, and broken homes,” he said.

The Republican nominee promised that he will “bring spirit back” and also jobs. “Hillary Clinton discriminates against poor African American children by opposing school choice for votes — she wants the votes.”

He said his government reform will make the voice of the people heard. “I’m fighting for real change not just partisan change,” he stressed. “I’m fighting for all of us across the country.”

Trump went after his rival Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation during the campaign rally.

The New Yorker, who is behind Clinton by four points in Ohio, said he thinks he will win in a landslide come November.

“You got to watch,” Trump warned his supporters, implying to look out for voter fraud on election day. “I’m asking for your vote, so I can be your champion in the White House.”