Chris Christie Calls for Special Prosecutor for Clinton Foundation

Greg Allen/Invision/AP

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie called for a special prosecutor to investigate the Clinton Foundation after news broke that more than half the people Hillary Clinton met with from outside government were donors.

“We must get to the bottom of what looks like a pay-to-play scheme,” Christie said. “As a former federal prosecutor, the path is clear. The Clinton Foundation must be investigated now.”

Christie added that the investigation should be completed before the presidential election in November.

The Clinton Foundation remains the biggest problem for the Clinton campaign, raising ethical questions about her willingness to use her position at the State Department as a personal fundraising tool for the organization.

Christie is supporting Donald Trump for president and serves on his transition team. Trump himself highlighted the latest revelations as proof that Hillary Clinton was “bought-and-paid-for by the special interests.”

“The new revelations about Hillary Clinton’s email scandal make clear we have only seen the tip of the iceberg,” Trump said. “Hillary Clinton is desperate to cover up her crimes. That’s why she deleted 33,000 emails. That’s also why she lied repeatedly to Congress and the American public.”