Donald Trump’s Favorability Jumps, ‘Post-Pivot,’ in Reuters Poll

Evan Vucci/AP

Donald Trump’s favorability is heading back up, according to the latest survey by Reuters and Ipsos.

Forty-three percent of registered voters view Trump favorably, up by 5 points from 38 percent in mid-August, according to the survey, which was conducted Aug. 20 to Aug. 24.

“While Trump’s latest ‘pivot’ seems to have cooled some animosity towards the Republican, it has not yet translated to actual votes,” said a statement from Ipsos pollster Chris Jackson. “Favorability tends to be a leading indicator so if Trump is able to string together several weeks of improved public sentiment, he might eke out a better standing in the polls,” he said.

Hillary Clinton’s favorability is also low, but she has enough now for a win in November. She has a 53 percent favorable, 47 percent unfavorable, rating, said Reuters and Ipsos.

Based on those favorability numbers, Clinton is ahead in the current polls, says the Reuters/Ipsos poll.

Among likely voters, Clinton leads by 7 points (42% Clinton to 35% Trump), up from 5 points last week. Clinton’s lead is smaller in the 4-way ballot including Libertarian Gary Johnson and Green Jill Stein. However, Clinton still leads among likely voters by 3 points in each category (Clinton 39%; Trump 36%; Johnson 7%; and Stein 3%.

Trump, however, has barely started running TV advertising.