Trump Spox on Clinton’s Speech: ‘Attempt to Delete the Single Worst Week of Her Political Career’

Clinton Lying to CNN in stripes
Washington, DC

Donald Trump’s senior communications advisor Jason Miller responded to Hillary Clinton’s “alt-right” speech, calling it a “desperation play” due to her bad week of news coverage surrounding the alleged pay-to-play relationship between the state department and the Clinton Foundation when she was secretary of state.

“Hillary Clinton’s attempt to delete the single worst week of her political career isn’t going to work,” Miller proclaimed.

He continued:

Her admission that there’s a lot of smoke but no fire is a complete lie, and the American public’s response will be to do exactly as her campaign suggests: don’t vote for her. Clinton’s attempt to blame Colin Powell for her illegal email server backfired, and there’s no way the Clintons could go from dead broke to making more $250 million since leaving office without breaking the law and trading off their access to office. This is exactly why we need a Special Prosecutor to investigate the blurring of lines between the Clinton State Department, the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton’s personal bank account. It’s corruption and the rigged system in Washington at its worst, and it’s exactly why we need to vote for a change agent like Donald Trump.

After the Associated Press reported earlier this week, more than half of Clinton’s meetings as secretary of state with non-government officials were with Clinton Foundation donors, the former secretary of state spoke to CNN and attempted to dismiss the reports and allegations of pay-for-play conduct between the state department and the Clinton Foundation.

“I know there’s a lot of smoke, and there’s no fire,” she stated.