Lawmakers Join Movement to Appoint Special Prosecutor in Clinton Foundation Scandal


The attorney general of Louisiana has joined federal lawmakers in calling for the appointment of a special prosecutor for the Clinton Foundation scandal.

Donald Trump called for a special prosecutor in the case, and his call has been echoed by House Freedom Caucus chairman Rep. Jim Jordan and Trump supporters Rudy Giuliani and Chris Christie.

“The Justice Department is compromised due to Bill Clinton’s tarmac meeting with the Attorney General. To remove any questions of impropriety, a special prosecutor should be entrusted with an investigation of whether our diplomatic efforts and national security were for sale or compromised by Hillary Clinton,” said Louisiana attorney general Jeff Landry in a statement.

Texas Rep. John Ratcliffe also recently joined the chorus.

“Mr. Trump’s call for a special counsel to investigate the Clinton Foundation is absolutely necessary when the Obama Administration has proven itself wholly unwilling to prosecute one of its own,” Ratcliffe said, adding:

When FBI and DOJ officials reportedly called for an investigation into the Clinton Foundation, the highly politicized Obama Administration denied their requests. This is yet another time the administration has chosen to hold Clinton to a different standard of justice than the rest of the American people. I was one of the Members of Congress who publicly called for a special counsel in June during the investigation into Clinton’s use of an unauthorized, unsecured email server. Not only was this request ignored, and criminal charges not pursued by the DOJ, but when I grilled Loretta Lynch on her decision process, she refused to rule out serving in a potential Clinton Administration.

As a former U.S. Attorney, I join the American people in saying enough is enough. At this point, a special counsel is most definitely needed to ensure a truly fair and impartial investigation.