Poll: Two-Thirds of Voters Want to See Clinton, Trump Medical Records

Brendan Smialowski/AFP, Justin Sullivan/Getty
Washington, DC

Roughly two-thirds of voters think the 2016 presidential candidates need to release their medical records and history, according to a Morning Consult poll.

Sixty-four percent of registered voters want to see the medical records — that’s a nine percent increase since May when 55 percent of voters wanted to know about the candidates’ health details.

The majority of registered voters wanting to see the medical history of the candidates comes after questions surrounding Hillary Clinton’s health.

Clinton has laughed off questions about her health, as she has her email scandal.

According to the Morning Consult survey results, voters under 30-years-old didn’t think it was necessary to review the medical details of the candidates, but for voters older than 30, the majority think it’s important to review the medical histories. Eighty-two percent of voters 65 and older think the candidates need to release the medical details.

The Morning Consult survey questioned 2,102 registered voters on Aug. 23-24. The results have a plus or minus two percent margin of error.