Poll: Unpopular Hillary Clinton Faces Declining Ratings From Hispanics And Women

WARREN, MI - AUGUST 11: Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton delivers a speech on the U.S economy at Futuramic Tool & Engineering August 11, 2016 in Warren, Michigan. In her speech, Clinton contrasted her economic plan to that of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump's. (Photo by Bill Pugliano/Getty Images) *** …
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Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s unfavorable numbers are back, as a new ABC/Washington Post poll shows that she is as unpopular as ever.

Fifty-six percent of polled adults view Clinton unfavorably, up six percentage points from earlier this month.

That’s a historically high number for Clinton since ABC has polled her unfavorable ratings since 2012.

The poll shows that Clinton is losing ground among Hispanics and women — two of her biggest support groups.

Among Hispanics, Clinton’s popularity has fallen 16 points. Seventy one percent of Hispanics viewed her favorably earlier this month; now, only 55 percent view her favorably.

Among women, Clinton has gone from a net favorable rating of +11 to -7.

Fifty-two percent of women now view Clinton unfavorably, while only 45 percent of women view her favorably. Earlier in August it was the opposite. Fifty-four percent of women viewed her favorably while only 43 percent viewed her unfavorably.

Donald Trump is actually getting better ratings from women — a group that has resisted supporting the combative candidate. The poll shows that Trump has gained seven points among women who now view him favorably.