Hillary Clinton Warns of ‘Conspiracy Theory Machine Factory’

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton speaks at the American Legion Convention August 31, 2016 in Cincinnati, Ohio.
Aaron P. Bernstein/Getty Images

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton dismissed questions about her F.B.I. testimony that was released over the weekend, insisting that they were part of a “conspiracy theory machine factory.”

“I believe I’ve created so many jobs in the story of conspiracy theory machine factory, because honestly they never quit. They keep coming back.” she said.

She said the F.B.I. had already investigated her email habits and that the report “debunked” all of the additional lies that were exposed as a result.

“Their report answered all the questions,” she insisted. “The findings included debunking his latest conspiracy theories.”

She also complained that too many Republicans focused on “partisan conspiracy theorizing” instead of working together to solve problems.