Trump Campaign on Clinton Speech: What You Expect from Someone ‘Losing the Election’

Cold Clinton Andrew HarnickAP
Andrew Harnick/AP
Washington, DC

Donald Trump’s senior communications advisor Jason Miller blasted Hillary Clinton’s speech on Tuesday, saying her remarks were typical from someone who is “losing the election.”

“Hillary Clinton’s remarks today in Tampa are exactly what you would expect to hear from a candidate who took off the month of August and woke up in September losing the election,” Miller stated, as a CNN released early Tuesday morning showed Trump leading Clinton.

Miller continued, “Clinton cannot escape the endemic corruption of the Clinton Foundation, which was exposed in a bombshell report today for violating New York state laws and regulations requiring disclosure of foreign contributions.”

Miller was referencing a Scripps News report that reveals Clinton’s charities didn’t follow a New York law requiring them to disclose millions of dollars from foreign donors.