Clinton-Connected Think Tank Plants Op-Ed Praising Huma Abedin

huma-abedin AP

Clinton-World must be worried about Huma.

Huma Abedin split with her husband Anthony Weiner just as revelations hit that she, Abedin, granted favors to Clinton Foundation donors while working at the State Department. Bombshell FBI testimony shows that Abedin was the one who came up with the idea for Hillary Clinton to use a private off-the-books email server.

A bizarre op-ed appeared in The Huffington Post Wednesday entitled “Huma Abedin: American Badass.”

The op-ed, written by a man named Shawn VanDiver, is over-the-top in its fawning praise for Abedin. The piece also does not seem to have much purpose except to praise Abedin and tout her biographical details.

“The kind of people a leader chooses to surround themselves with says a lot about him or her…In short, there are plenty of unwise choices to make. But the fact that Hillary Clinton, for more than two decades, has chosen Huma Abedin is a testament to her wisdom,” VanDiver writes.

There are a lot of passages like this one:

Some digging reveals that Abedin’s parents represent a true American love story. They met while both attending University of Pennsylvania on Fulbright Scholarships. Her father was Indian and her mother Pakistani. Going back home post-marriage wasn’t an option for them in 1964, as tensions between their respective communities were high. They wrote the State Department and requested refuge, which they were granted―paving the way for their daughter to be born in the stable, secure United States rather than in the aftermath of wars in their homelands.

“She’s calm, not showy; she gets things done behind the scenes. If she’s got her own agenda, it’s not obvious; in public, her views are her boss’s (an invaluable trait for any staffer to have). She shows the loyalty and discretion that Clinton famously values,” VanDiver writes, admitting, “I’ve only interacted with Abedin one time…”

“Every American should be proud that Abedin has worked in and around our federal government for two decades as of this year. We are incredibly lucky to have someone with so much experience dedicate their entire adult life to serving our nation and the values that we all hold dear,” VanDiver adds.

VanDiver’s bio lists him as “Navy veteran and Co-Director of the Truman National Security Project San Diego Chapter.”

The Truman National Security Project recently counts Clinton administration Secretary of State Madeleine Albright on its advisory board alongside Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta and Clinton State Department aide Anne-Marie Slaughter.

Abedin was spotted this week at a Clinton fundraiser at New York Fashion Week.