DNC Promotes Chris Matthews, Huffington Post, TPM ‘Reviews’ To Bolster Hillary

Matt Lauer looks on as Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton speaks during the NBC News Commander-in-Chief Forum on September 7, 2016 in New York City. Clinton and Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump are participating in the NBC News Commander-in-Chief Forum. (Photo by
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The Democratic National Committee is sending out transcribed comments from Chris Matthews’ television program to support Hillary Clinton’s performance in the Presidential Face Off TV event.

According to the DNC press release:

Have a look at what reporters are saying about Clinton’s performance:

@HardballChris: Trump’s problem is that her performance was near perfect, which makes it very hard to beat.

Under Matthews’ quote there are other mainstream reporters represented, including The Guardian’s Sabrina Siddiqui, formerly of The Huffington Post:

The DNC followed up with another late-night email simply citing paragraphs from their favorite news outlets: Associated Press, New York Times, Politico, Washington Post, TIME, ABC News, and Huffington Post.

The most provocative site on the DNC list would be Talking Points Memo, which put forth Russophobic conspiracy theories:

Donald Trump lavished more praise on Vladimir Putin in Wednesday’s NBC News’ Commander-In-Chief forum, even after moderator Matt Lauer brought up the numerous ways Russia as sought to undermine U.S. interests. “Well, he does have an 82 percent approval rating according to the different pollsters, who by the way, some of them are based here,” Trump said. Trump went on to say he welcomed the compliments Putin has paid him.