EXCLUSIVE: Pro-Trump PAC Launches ‘American Dream’ Ad Featuring Ben Carson

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Washington, DC

Great America PAC, supporting Donald Trump, is launching a nation-wide television ad featuring Dr. Ben Carson praising Trump’s education plan.

The ad, titled “American Dream” reveals Carson’s challenges when he was a child growing up in poverty, but highlights that education allowed him to live the American dream. In the ad, Carson praises Trump’s education plan — specifically expanding school choice and merit pay for teachers.

“As a poor kid growing up, my future was in jeopardy, but my mother’s commitment to a strong education allowed me to achieve the American dream,” Carson states in the 30-second ad.

He continues: “Today many kids face these same difficult odds. We must do better. Donald Trump will expand school choice and encourage competition to improve learning. He’ll support merit pay to reward our best teachers. With Donald Trump, every child will get the chance to live the American dream.”

Co-Chair of Great America PAC Doug Lebda says Carson lends tremendous credibility to Trump’s education plan.

“Dr. Ben Carson’s story embodies the American Dream, and it all began with his focus on education as a child,” stated  Lebda.”His unique perspective gives him tremendous credibility on Donald Trump’s plan to improve the education system for every child in America. Carson’s voice is a powerful one and we felt he was the perfect messenger for our new ad.”

The “American Dream” ad will air nationwide next week with a heavy focus in Florida, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Ohio, Nevada and on “Gas TV” — the television screens at gas pumps.