Team Clinton: ‘Try Telling Hillary Clinton She Has to Drink Water’

Twitter / @zgazda66

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton does not drink enough water, according to her campaign, leading to her dehydration episodes.

“She won’t drink water, and you try telling Hillary Clinton she has to drink water,” said a person described “in her orbit,” according to Politico.

Clinton staffers are adamant: Hillary Clinton never lost consciousness, even though she collapsed after a 9/11 memorial ceremony and suffers from chronic dehydration.

“She just got dehydrated yesterday,” Bill Clinton said in an interview with CBS anchor Charlie Rose.

Clinton herself said she “felt dizzy” and “lost her balance for a moment” but immediately felt better after she had some water.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper asked Clinton whether she had these dehydration episodes before. “I think really only twice … that I can recall,” she replied.

Clinton citing dehydration as a problem is familiar. During her 2012 illness that resulted in a concussion, she “became dehydrated and fainted,” according to State Department spokesman Philippe Reines, who said she was “suffering from a stomach virus.”