Poll: 22 Percent Doubt Hillary Clinton Would Live Past First Term

Hillary Clinton pauses to take a drink of water to help soothe a cough during a campaign rally at Luke Easter Park on September 5, 2016 in Cleveland.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

The most recent Morning Consult poll shows that 22 percent of voters think Hillary Clinton won’t survive her first term if she’s elected president.

When asked if it was likely that Clinton “would live long enough to serve a full 4-year term if elected president,” 12 percent said it was not too likely and 10 percent said it was not at all likely.

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The numbers aren’t good for Clinton’s vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine either, as only 38 percent say he is prepared to serve as president if Clinton were to die in office. Thirty-one percent said that Kaine was not fit to serve as president and 31 percent didn’t know or had no opinion about it.

Trump’s running mate Mike Pence received much higher numbers, as 43 percent of voters in the survey said he was prepared to serve as president while only 29 percent said he wasn’t.

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Fifty-five percent of voters in the survey said that Hillary Clinton has not been honest about her health after she collapsed while attending a 9/11 memorial event on Sunday.

Fifty percent of voters in the survey believe that Hillary Clinton has actually given the public false information on her health; 54 percent say that she has not given voters accurate information.

Additionally, 54 percent say that she has not been transparent about her health.

The new survey polled 1,501 registered voters from Sept. 12-13 to gauge voters reaction to Clinton’s health scare. Seventy-nine percent of polled voters had heard about the incident.

Forty-one percent now believe that Hillary Clinton’s is “below average or very poor” compared to only 26 percent in August — a 15 point swing in one month.