Donald Trump Calls For Leadership, Unity, Law and Order After Charlotte Riots

Demonstrators argue amongst themselves during protests September 22, 2016 in downtown Charlotte, NC.
Sean Rayford/Getty Images

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is reacting to the riots in Charlotte, North Carolina.

“Wow, here we go again,” Trump said, when asked to react to the images of riots in Charlotte. During an interview on Fox and Friends, he added, “It’s very sad. When you look at what’s going on it’s very sad. It’s very divided, our country, and it’s getting worse, so I’m not overly surprised to see it, but it’s happening.”

Protesters turned to violence in response to a police shooting of an armed man who refused to stand down when ordered by law enforcement to drop his weapon.

Trump called for both “law and order” but also “spirit and unity” in the country. He also called Charlotte one of America’s great cities.

“There’s no unity. You look at the level of hatred, the rocks being thrown and everything happening, it’s so sad to see,” Trump said.

Trump noted that there was “a lack of spirit between the white and the black” in America and called for people to unite.

“You know this is the United States of America, it’s so sad to see,” he said. “There’s no unity, there has to be a unity message somehow that has to get out and it starts with leadership.”