Poll: Hillary Clinton’s Lead At 6 Percent In Wisconsin

Thomas Shea/Getty Images

A new Emerson College poll shows Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is up six points over Republican nominee Donald Trump in Wisconsin.

Clinton pulled in 44.5 percent of the 700 likely Wisconsin general election voters surveyed from September 19-20 while Trump took 38.4 percent of the vote. Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson pulled in 11 percent to Green Party Jill Stein’s 2.1 percent. The poll showed that 4.1 percent of those surveyed said they still haven’t decided who they will choose. Those results have a 3.6 percent margin of error.

According to a polling summary:

Clinton and Trump are in a dead heat among Wisconsin Independents, with Clinton leading the billionaire by one point, 35% to 34%. Gary Johnson garners 22%, while 3% are voting for Stein and 6% are undecided. Johnson has picked up support from 42% of those who voted for John Kasich in Wisconsin’s GOP primary, and Clinton has picked up 24% of the Kasich vote. Trump has 22%.…

In Wisconsin, 62% of Sanders partisans plan to vote for Clinton, while 16% favor Johnson, and 11% prefer Trump.

In the poll, 37 percent of those surveyed were identified as Democrat, 32 percent as Republican and 31 percent as independent.

Both Trump and Clinton have high loyalty ratings, defined as “a large share of those who view a candidate favorably plan to vote for that person.” Trump pulls in an 84 percent loyalty rating among Wisconsin voters likely to vote in the November general election. Clinton pulls a 94 percent loyalty rating.

Clinton and Trump also saw low favorability in the state. Clinton’s unfavorable rating was 56/40 while Trump’s was 61/37.

Polling results were weighted by “weighted by 2012 election results, gender, age, political affiliation and region,” according to polling methodology.

A Marquette Law School Poll conducted September 15-18 showed Trump and Clinton in a statistical tie in Wisconsin. Among 677 likely Wisconsin voters, 44 percent supported Clinton and 42 percent went for Trump. That poll held a 4.4 percent margin of error making the difference a statistical tie.

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