Hillary Clinton Ad Features Donald Trump Calling Girls Fat And Ugly

Democratic presidential nominee former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton hugs a supporter during a campaign rally with democratic vice presidential nominee U.S. Sen Tim Kaine (D-VA) at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center on July 30, 2016 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine are continuing their three-day bus …
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

The latest ad released by Hillary Clinton wants to send a message: Donald Trump calls girls fat and ugly.

Set to a soft piano soundtrack, the video features young girls looking in the mirror while the voice of Donald Trump plays in the background.

In contrast, the ad shows Hillary Clinton hugging a girl on stage during a campaign rally.

The ad features comments that Trump the entertainer made about offensive TV actress Rosie O’Donnell and reality TV sensation Kim Kardashian.

Ten years ago, Trump called O’Donnell “a disgusting person inside and out” and and a “slob” with a “fat, ugly face” in an interview on The Insider. Those comments were featured in the famous exchange with Fox News host Megyn Kelly during the first Republican presidential debate.

The ad also features comments that Trump made about Kim Kardashian on the Howard Stern show in 2013.

“Does she have a good body? No,” he said. “Does she have a fat ass? Absolutely.”

But Clinton’s ad suggests that Donald Trump is insulting all women and girls, and not just calling out specific celebrities.

“Is this the president we want for our daughters?” the ad asks.