Three Pieces of Debate Advice for Donald Trump–RCP

MIAMI, FL - SEPTEMBER 16: Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a rally at the James L. Knight Center on September 16, 2016 in Miami, Florida.
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

This article written by Bernie Marcus appears at Real Clear Politics:

Notes to the nominee: Three things Donald Trump can do and say to own the debate stage

The good thing about being a different kind of candidate running a different kind of political campaign is this: you can do different kinds of things when it comes to debates. You do not have to do what the moderator wants you to do, but instead what the American people need and want to hear.

The most important thing for Donald Trump to remember is this: The American people are not tuning in to watch a debate. They are tuning in to watch an audition. There are three things Donald Trump can talk to the American people about.

First, corruption. Donald Trump can say, “Hillary, I’ll take it at your word that when you and your husband left the Oval Office, you were – as you put it – “broke.” I want to know, the American people should know, how it is that you and your husband have since earned over $230 million? Since you left graduate school, the two of you have either been running for office or been in office. The media doesn’t seem interested in the question. But the American people deserve an answer. Too many of our public servants are getting rich trading on their political connections. It’s not just you, Hillary. Let’s take Senator Tom Daschle and Senator Trent Lott – who spent their entire lives in Congress. They are now rich men. I could go on and on. The American people are tired of their public servants coming to Washington penniless, and leave office and become multimillionaires. It isn’t just wrong. It’s offensive. That’s what’s bugging the American people. That’s why so many of the people are angry. Because our government isn’t working for us. We’re working for our government. And so I ask – Hillary – you and your husband have earned $230 million in the past 15 years. What did you risk? What did you build? How many jobs did you create?”

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