Rep. Steve King Tweets: After Debate America Asks, ‘Was Hillary on Her Meds or Off Her Meds?’


Iowa Republican Rep. Steve King just set the Internet on fire with a simple tweet: “Tonight’s biggest post question: Inquiring American minds will want to know, was Hillary on her meds or off her meds?”

Shortly before noon, the congressman asked the question regarding Democratic nominee for president Hillary R. Clinton, and the left-wing media has been freaking out all afternoon.

Talking Points Memo led the hand-wringing:

Even if Donald Trump puts his best foot forward at the debate Monday night, it appears that his Republican cheerleaders are not prepared to tone down their rhetoric.

Rep. Steve King (R-IA) is ready with conspiracy theories about Clinton’s health, wondering in a tweet whether the Democratic nominee would be “on her meds or off her meds.”

Members of Trump’s campaign, including former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, and Trump’s Republican allies have pushed conspiracy theories about Clinton’s health. And Trump himself has questioned Clinton’s stamina.

At Mediaite there was a similar tut-tut:

King is known for embracing firebrand positions that occasionally reflect anti-immigrant and racially-charged stances, and he has made his support for Trump quite clear in the past. Today, he decided to add fuel to the #HillarysHealth theories by suggesting that Clinton will be pre-medicated at tonight’s debate.

Clinton has been subject to numerous accusations of being physically and mentally unfit to be president, which were emboldened after she went through her recent bout of pneumonia. Trump supporters wereespecially interested on Clinton’s health, and after seeming to give the fixation his approval, King’s Twitter feed was flocked by those who were not so impressed.

The Daily Beast did not miss out:  “Questioning whether Clinton will be “off her meds” represents King nodding to right-wing conspiracy theories about the former secretary of State’s health.”