Florida Gov. Rick Scott Rejects Clinton Camp Request to Extend Voter Registration

Lights are out on highway A1A from the winds of Hurricane Matthew, October 7, 2016 on Cocoa Beach, Florida. Hurricane Matthew passed by offshore as a catagory 3 hurricane bringing heavy wind and some flooding. (Photo by
Mark Wilson/Getty Images
Washington, DC

Florida Gov. Rick Scott is saying no to Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager Robby Mook’s request to extend voter registration in the battle ground state due to Hurricane Matthew.

“I’m not going to extend it,” Scott stated. “Everybody has had a lot of time to register. On top of that, we have lots of opportunities to vote: early voting, absentee voting, Election Day. So I don’t intend to make any changes.”

On Thursday, Mook told reporters that Clinton expected to win Florida through early voting and raised concerns over Hurricane Matthew disrupting voter registration ahead of the Oct. 11 deadline.

“The one thing that we are hoping and expecting is that officials in Florida will adapt deadlines to account for the storm,” Mook suggested. “Our hope would be that a little bit more time would be given for people that were expecting to get registered before the election.”