Hillary Clinton Falsely Says That There’s No Evidence Her Email Was Hacked

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky
AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

Hillary Clinton falsely said in Sunday night’s debate that there is no evidence that her emails were hacked.

But Clinton herself said in a paid speech released by Wikileaks that her Blackberry was constantly being penetrated. Breitbart News reported:

“A Clinton campaign staffer sent an email to Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta listing numerous “flags” from Clinton’s paid speeches, many of which occurred behind closed doors with firms like Goldman Sachs. The staffer flagged comments that Clinton made in an April 23, 2014 speech at the University of Connecticut, according to new emails that Wikileaks published from Podesta’s email archive:

CLINTON: But, at the State Department we were attacked every hour, more than once an hour by incoming efforts to penetrate everything we had. And that was true across the U.S. government. And we knew it was going on when I would go to China, or I would go to Russia, we would leave all of our electronic equipment on the plane, with the batteries out, because this is a new frontier. And they’re trying to find out not just about what we do in our government. They’re trying to find out about what a lot of companies do and they were going after the personal emails of people who worked in the State Department.”